Educational Travel in Ecuador

Educational Travel in Ecuador

An increasing number of travelers are looking for more than the standard holiday fare of visiting another country to see the most famous sites, snap some photos and return home. The desire to go deeper into the history, culture and language of the country they are visiting drives them to seek a different kind of experience, one that can be typified as “educational travel”. This kind of experience is especially atrractive to parents who have young families. Perhaps they themselves were backpackers 10 or 20 years ago, traveling around different parts of the world on a shoe-string budget and getting a close-up view of life in these far-flung places. But now they are parents with professional careers and a short vacation time that they want to make the most of for themselves and their children.

True Ecuador Travel is an educational travel agency located in Ecuador that is developing a variety of offerings for individual travelers, couples, families and groups, to explore all that this relatively small South American country has to offer. They put together personalized travel itineraries for visitors from one week up to two months or longer, depending on their goals and preferences. These can include Spanish classes to learn something of the language, trips to the Amazon rain forest and cloud forests, tours through the Andes Mountains and along the Pacific coast, and to the unequalled Galapagos Islands.

With so many options to choose from the problem is always one of fitting in as much as possible without making it a breakneck and exhausting vacation time. While visitors often do want to pack in all that they have read about, True Ecuador Travel often advises to leave a little down-time in the itinerary, with options to do additional activities but the opportunity to just relax a little in some beautiful spot. The itinerary can be built around a particular theme of interest, be this religious, political, environmental or social.

While many travelers arrive in the summer months when the children are on vacation from school, other older travelers maybe retired and have the time to travel out of the peak season when things are generally quieter. Other younger professionals may be taking time off from work or a sabbatical to extend their professional skills in non-linear ways. For them True Ecuador Travel is a valuable contact to plan their time using our in-depth knowledge of the country and all the options that exist for visitors in a variety of fields.

Universities, high schools and other organizations also plan trips to Ecuador for educational purposes and True Ecuador Travel works with them to create itineraries to satisfy their academic goals whether these are social or environmental in nature. These groups often have a very limited time to be in Ecuador and so are conscious of the need to have a focused and time-economic program itinerary that minimizes travel time and maximises the exposure to the educational component.

Ecuador offers a stunning range of cultural and ecological diversity from the Amazon rain forest in the east to the Galapagos Islands in the west, and with the Andes Mountains and the Pacific coast in between, making a return visit a must.

Nicholas Jansen