Electric Car: 4 Reasons EVs Are Better Than Gas Cars 


While many consumers anticipate owning an electric vehicle in the future, many believe it will be several years before they make the switch. Nonetheless, I think they may implement the change sooner than they anticipate. EVs are already a viable option, not just for avid drivers like myself but also for commuters, families, and others. And with many EV charging stations present in Singapore Singapore, EVs are now convenient. Additionally, they are more affordable and have longer ranges than ever before—thanks to advances in battery technology and government subsidies. Here are additional reasons for switching.

1. Better For The Environment

The environmental benefits are one of the most significant advantages of electric vehicles, despite their apparent simplicity. I initiated and decided to contribute to the improvement of the environment, so I purchased an EV. My electric vehicle emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases than my previous gas-powered automobiles—not only while in use but also throughout the vehicle’s entire lifetime. Electric car charging can aid in reducing air pollution and mitigating climate change, particularly for the most vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by transportation emissions.

2. Save Money

I’ve saved money on maintenance costs thanks to electric vehicles. I freed myself from routine gas-powered vehicle upkeep. I did not wish to have a burden with the regular cleanings. In addition, my battery-powered EV lacks a gasoline engine and does not require oil changes, spark plugs, or timing belts—unlike gasoline motors, electric motors do not need routine maintenance. And a convenient charging station in Singapore won’t overwhelm you with expensive prices. Moreover, compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle, these lower maintenance expenses saved me a substantial amount of money over the life of my EV.

3. Better Driving Experience

My EV’s electric engine generates instantaneous torque—it can accelerate and decelerate with a smooth, responsive feel. As a result, my EV can accelerate and decelerate quickly from a standstill. Additionally, my EV has a low centre of gravity, which enhances handling, responsiveness, and driving comfort. I enjoy driving my EV because it provides a consistently enjoyable driving experience. With the rise of convenient EV charging in Singapore, multitudes of electric vehicle drivers across the nation have attested to the driving ability of electric vehicles in car events.

4. Support The EV Industry

By switching from a gas-powered to an electric vehicle, I support the growth of the EV industry and help increase demand for electric cars and EV infrastructure, making it easier for even more people to make the switch. Fewer gas-powered vehicles and more electric vehicles on the road will eventually result in cleaner air and a healthier environment for everyone. It is the only reason I am an avid fan of electric cars. With electric car charging,

I can contribute to environmental protection and support the cause of EV manufacturers.


Substituting your gas-powered automobile with an electric vehicle is a fantastic way to reduce your transportation-related emissions and aid in the fight against climate change. Once you have made the switch, ensure that your EV is only charged with clean, pollution-free energy from wind and solar sources, with no fossil fuels present.

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Clare Louise