Energy Supplier Choice for Proper Energy Saving

Energy Supplier Choice for Proper Energy Saving

If you don’t want to compare the tariffs yourself, you will find service providers on the Internet who take care of it. The business model of the optimizer is aimed at those who don’t want to change who shy away from the supposed effort that goes along with tariff comparison and a change of provider. They sell their service as a kind of all-round carefree package.

Choosing the Right Service Providers

The service providers promise: relief when searching and switching, always the cheapest and best quality tariffs. According to expert, it is often uncertain whether consumers can actually benefit. This is also shown by a study by the consumer center of ten change helpers.

For example, the customer has to take action himself with some providers and point out increases in electricity prices, for example. It also often remains unclear what standards the service providers apply to the proposed tariffs.

Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the provider

Some change workers get money from the new provider, they finance themselves on a commission basis. There are no costs for consumers. For outsiders, however, it is not clear whether the amount of the commission influences the tariff selection. The tariff algorithm does not know the amount of the commissions. The use of octopus referral  comes up with the best results here. One can get £50 with this referral code. In the pursuit of reducing the energy bills, this is the energy supplier company that you can count on.

Other change workers work with a profit-sharing scheme. This means that a certain proportion often 20 to 30 percent of the sum that the consumer saves with the new tariff goes to the service provider.

Please note

As a rule, the hypothetical sum that would be paid if the old contract were to continue is used as the basis for calculation. Consumers may not pay less at all, for example because only the first year of the contract was cheaper due to a bonus.

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Cheap energy 24 receives around 30 percent of the savings for its services unless the sum is less than 100 euros. Then there is no one-off commission. For a second optimization, 25 percent is due, from the third 20 percent alternating Fox cuts in 20 percent of the savings for each change, but at least 30 dollars.

The experts would not unreservedly recommend the change workers. The individual offers are currently still too different and often too opaque for that. Those who are interested should compare the terms and conditions of the respective providers and check carefully whether there is actually an advantage. That of course also means a certain amount of effort in this respect you can also consider changing the energy supplier yourself.


You can determine who supplies your electricity. Not just once, but again and again. For example, if your electricity provider increases the prices, you can terminate the contract immediately and look for another supplier. You do not take any risk with such a change: Your supply remains secure. You can save a lot of money with a cheap tariff.

Edward Powell