Enjoy a Healthy Quality of Life with Sermorelin Peptide Therapy

Enjoy a Healthy Quality of Life with Sermorelin Peptide Therapy

Decline in hormone levels occur with aging resulting in a host of negative impacts on our body including stamina, libido, sleep, metabolism rate etc. Several people turn to peptide therapy to counteract the effects of aging. Peptides refer to a short chain of amino acids, which naturally occur in our body and interact with the cells. Our body contains 20 amino acids.

Peptide therapy makes use of synthetic peptides which are a combination of different amino acids. One of the popular peptides used for improving quality of life is Sermorelin. It works by stimulating the human growth hormone (HGH). People with low GH and androgen testosterone levels have found sermorelin highly beneficial.

Introduction to sermorelin:

Sermorelin isn’t a HGH but is a growth hormone releasing hormone and triggers the secretion of HGH. Our brain naturally produces sermorelin and keeps us healthy. Due to aging the sermonline levels go down and we can make up to it by supplementing it artificially. Sermorelin acetate comprises 29 amino acids and synthetically stimulates the HGH levels.

Sermorelin Benefits

The levels of HGH are 500 micrograms during our 20s and the levels by about 24% every decade which is associated with several aging symptoms. Buy sermorelin if you are dealing with any of the following aging symptoms:

  • Decreased stamina: Low HGH levels make it hard for you to effectively take part in your workout routine Sermorelin boosts stamina and improves training performance.
  • Tiredness after workout: If you are taking a longer time to recover from workouts or strenuous physical activities, you can use sermorelin to speed-up recovery-time.
  • Low libido: Sermorelin interacts with the cells and helps in increasing libido.
  • A stubborn thickening waist: Low HGH levels decreases metabolism rate and increases belly fat and adipose tissue on the thighs, hips and buttocks. Sermorelin helps to melt stubborn fat and improves blood circulation.
  • Frail bones: Our bones become lighter and bone density goes down due to aging. The risk of fracture increases and many elders experience muscle and joint pain. Sermorelin increases bone density and decreases osteoporosis pain.
  • Sleep issues: Insomnia is a common complaint raised by many. This peptide improves the body’s circadian rhythm and helps a person to sleep better.
  • Facial signs of aging: There are changes in our skin texture due to aging. The youthful appearance fades due to the appearance of wrinkles and unwanted lines. Sermorelin peptide tightens muscles and improves the texture of skin by tightening it.

A person’s muscles become leaner and meaner with sermorelin shots giving them an overall leaner appearance. The effects are noticeable immediately or after a couple of weeks depending on every individual’s body chemistry. Sermorelin has been the top choice of many who are experiencing the above issues due to reduced HGH levels.

HGH vs Sermorelin

Unlike the other popular peptide HGH which mimics the pituitary gland and thereby boosts GH levels, sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland to initiate the release of human growth hormone. However, sermorelin is a preferred choice among people due to its higher effectiveness and affordability and administered in the form of injections.

  • Sermorelin costs between $250 and $400 every month and a 3-month course would cost a whopping $1000
  • HGH therapy costs between $550 and $1100 every month and a 3-month cycle costs up to $3000.

When browsing for sermorelin for sale you are likely to run into online stores who feature sermorelin pills or patches. Stay away from scams as only sermorelin peptides from reputable sources are effective. Talk to your doctor about sermorelin therapy and get started with it.

Edward Powell