Essential Dutch Company Formation: Tips for You

Essential Dutch Company Formation: Tips for You

Creation of any company from scratch requires knowledge of certain nuances. You need to not only choose the types of activities in which she will be engaged, but also think over a number of points related to the legal, physical and economic security of the company. To Start a Dutch holding company you need to know the following now.

The main stages of creating a company

In order to create your own firm, you need to start with the following steps:

  • Market research, analysis of supply and demand in the industry in which it will operate. This is necessary at least in order to understand how expedient it is to engage in this particular activity, or, perhaps, it is worth choosing a direction with more profit or less competition;
  • The next step should be to study the legal framework related to your chosen industry. This means familiarity with all regulations governing this type of commercial activity. The fact is that certain restrictions in this area can be established by law. For example, you may need to obtain a license or other permits;
  • After studying the legal aspects, you need to contact a qualified lawyer who can advise the most acceptable organizational and legal form for this industry (for example, a limited liability company or a closed joint stock company, etc.). After that, the specialist will prepare all the documents required to register your company. In most cases, the most convenient form is a limited liability company, so in the future we will focus on it.

So, the registration is over, the company is created and can start its activities. What’s the next step?

Organizational structure of the company

No matter how you relate to administrative work and bureaucracy, at the next stage you need to determine the organizational structure of the company, that is, determine its departments and form the staffing table, provide for all the necessary specialist positions that are necessary for this type of activity. The functional responsibilities for each of these positions should also be clearly stated. Trust the Intercompany Solutions for the best deals now.

Very often, such issues are not given enough attention, however, experts still recommend carefully considering the regulatory and legal framework for the implementation of labor activities by all employees of the company. If possible, it is worth contacting specialists, as a last resort, you can do it yourself, but it is necessary to develop job descriptions, as well as internal regulations and other regulations. So, if your company plans a production department, accounting department, sales department, etc., then it is necessary that for each of them an appropriate provision is created that would describe not only the functions of employees, but also the order of their interaction with other departments, as well as the internal hierarchy and order of information exchange. Only after all these documents have been developed, you can proceed to the next stages of creating a company.

Company security issues

Although your company is just beginning its journey, and it is still unknown to the general public, and, therefore, is not of interest to raiders or criminal groups involved in the redistribution of property, this does not mean that security should not be taken care of in advance. Otherwise, you risk being unprepared for such a situation in the future.

Nicholas Jansen