Essential Garden Building Offices

Essential Garden Building Offices

Whether it is to store furniture or garden tools, firewood (wood shelter) or simple annex of life, the chalet or garden shed is available in several models: rustic or contemporary, in wood, metal or resin, with or without floor.

Overview of the cabins at the bottom of the garden

Do you want a versatile garden shed with minimal maintenance?

Prefer a PVC or resin shelter, cleaning with a garden hose is enough and it is a wise choice in rainy regions. Its many configurations make it a multi-use garden shed.

Low on budget, just want a garden annex where you can store equipment and don’t you care about aesthetics?

Direct your choice towards metal garden sheds, they are the most economical on the market and repaint but only after several years. Poorly insulated, they are mainly chosen for storage.

You do not hesitate to maintain the wood, you like the chalet style and your shelter will be a living room?

No hesitation, choose a wooden shelter and between wood stain or paint for its maintenance. Wood being a natural insulator, it is the preferred material for making a garden hut for children, an artist’s studio, and a summer guest room. For more you can Click here now.

  • For the rest, the common key characteristics are 5 in number.
  • Presence of a floor, say stop to humidity and yes to comfort.
  • Glass window and door, for DIY and / or storing in daylight.
  • The floor area and the height under the ridge, estimate your need by measuring.
  • The passage of door, it is still necessary that everything fits.

Anchoring? Recommended. Studs or concrete dice? It’s even better. Slab? The must

Regulations: do not miss the constraints of the PLU of your municipality (see Regulation of garden sheds).

Regarding the configuration of the shelter, everything is a question of use.

Garden shed: with or without floor

The choice of a floor depends on several criteria:

  • The function of the garden shed and the stored material
  • The nature of the ground and the presence of a slab

The desired degree of comfort.

You must choose a floor if:

You store valuable material or material that fears humidity and that you do not pour slabs.

The garden shed is intended to be an annex or a living room in the summer or a workshop.

The material of choice for the floor is wood, however it can be PVC or polypropylene on PVC and resin garden sheds. It can be purchased separately and dispense with making a slab. Otherwise, the floor resting on a concrete slab provides additional insulation and protection, particularly against wet rising. It can also be covered with parquet or any other floor covering for a better finish and more comfort (the installation of an underlay between the covering and the floor improves the insulation). Applying a waterproofing film preserves capillary rise.

Joinery: door and windows

Secondly, the destination of the chalet or garden shed and what will be stored there will determine what type of opening you need and their dimensions.

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