Everything You Know About TCP License

Everything You Know About TCP License

What is TCP?

TCP stands for Transportation Charter Permit. A reliable and good company may apply for a TCP number at any time from the Public Utilities Commission. A TCP Permit is always mandatory for charter vehicles to go in the same way as normal drivers. After the vehicle is allotted with a TCP number, the company itself takes part in a DMV employer pull-notice system.

Importance of TCP Carriers

TCP is an operator that delivers on-demand and scheduled service to and from the airport by using limo vehicle services. This business includes TCP-type operations for their customers.

TCP License to Operate on Airport premises in California 

  • No TCP carrier can agree to take and activate from the airport unless it holds a TCP License from the SRAAto operate. This TCP license is limited to passenger pick-ups and drop-offs on an exclusive basis.
  • No scheduled TCP carrier may accept a passenger from the airport or discharge a passenger at the airport. They hold a license from an SRAA to operate on airport premises.
  • The application of the TCP carrier license may be obtained from the SRAA office.


  • On-demand TCP workers shall accept passengers on the basis of an advance reservation whose destinations are in an authorized area related to terms certificate, permit, and license under TCP operators.
  • TCP operators shall load passengers and baggage within their designated zonal areas.
  • TCP vehicles might stand in the assigned and designated area to wait for their pre-arranged passengers. The driver can’t leave his vehicle unattended.

Important information Before Applying for TCP Application

Before you decide to apply for an application, be aware of unexpected costs and be responsible for the TCP carrier.

  • Insurance
  • Application fees
  • Inspection fees
  • Controlled substances
  • Alcohol Testing program
  • Employer pull notice
  • DMV weight certificate
  • Secretary of state filings
  • Airport licensing
  • Motor carrier profile

A charter-party carrier TCP license California to vehicles, on the basis of pre-arranged passengers, for the exclusive use of an individual or group. The charges are based on mileage and time to use. It is a round-trip sightseeing service and specialized service not offered to the general public related to business contracts, a government agency, and industrial or business firms.

Following are the TCP Checklist 

  • Registering your business
  • Pull notice program
  • Get a vehicle used for your TCP registration
  • Weight your vehicle
  • Get commercial registration
  • Acquire commercial auto insurance
  • Apply for the permit with the Public Utilities Commission
  • Authorized drug testing facility
  • The complete TCP application process
  • Apply for an airport permit

The Final Verdict

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