Everything you need to know about warts in humans.

Everything you need to know about warts in humans.

Warts are non-cancerous bumps that grow unexpectedly on the human skin. These bumps are usually hard and unpleasant to see. Because there is still no exact cause of this illness, most researchers still hold to the fact that this disease is caused by the excessive growth of body cells. Others also link it to the division of body cells. A peculiarity to this bump is the fact that it does not spread to other parts of the body. These non-cancerous bumps are not harmful to the body but might cause discomfort or pain in extreme cases. These bumps usually grow on any part of the human skin but are most common on toes and fingers.

There exist various types of warts. This article will provide readers with a clear picture of the most common warts the can encounter on a daily basis and how to treat them efficiently and instantly.

The most common warts on the human skin

Plantar warts: These bumps generally appear beneath the leg. This non-cancerous wart is different from the others as it has the tendency of growing into the skin. They usually appear in the form of small holes beneath the feet. The wart is then surrounded by a hardened skin cover. This type of wart generally makes walking very uncomfortable.

Flat warts: this wart is completely different from the plantar wart. This wart grows on the face on the arms. They are flat and are difficult to notice and still get worse. This wart has a slightly yellowish and pinkish color.

Filiform warts: These are very uncomfortable warts. They can be noticed growing inside the mouth or the nose. It can be found under the neck or chin as well. This wart causes a lot of discomfort and requires immediate treatment.

Periungual warts: It is the most common wart you will notice in humans. This wart generally appears on the fingernails and toenails. They are usually very painful and the growth of nails.

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