Explore About Lab-Grown And Mined Diamonds

Explore About Lab-Grown And Mined Diamonds

Diamonds are also producing in laboratories all over the world. In the late 1880s, scientists attempted to produce diamonds in the labs. In 1955, general electrics were used to produce the first diamond. The diamond produced in the laboratory was too small and does not has gem quality. A few years ago, scientists gained success and the ability to produce larger diamonds with having gem quality. It is good to know lab grown VS natural diamonds.

In a laboratory, a diamond is created under heat and pressure and the same as with a naturally mined diamond. A mined diamond is also creating using the method of heat and pressure. Methods for creating diamonds by lab-grown and natural methods are the same. A minor difference is that nature takes too long time for such creation.

Both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds uses the same chemical composition, physical and optical properties, molecular structure, so both diamonds are real. The optical property of a diamond defines that it is not said to diamond imitation. Diamond is pure carbon but in solid form. Solid carbon may find in multiple forms, called allotropes, which is depending on the type of their chemical bonds. Among all the gems, diamonds are the one which is made up of only a single element. Diamond uses about 99.95% carbon. This carbon composition is applied to both mind diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Remaining 0.05% in diamonds include atoms and traces of nitrogen or boron.

Take a look at the price of both diamonds and see the huge difference between the two diamonds. Lab-grown costs are more than 60 % less than natural or mined diamonds. People can save a large amount of money by having lab-grown diamonds. For example, mined diamond costs around $ 10000, and lab-grown diamond only cost around $ 4000.

Many differences are there in mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are ethical diamonds while mined diamonds are unethical. Mind diamonds are categorized as unethical because it may harmful to humans and other living things and also cost about their lives. The extraction process of natural diamonds is non-justify to innocent children, human life, their communities, and families- this is a major factor that affects their lives.

The life of a lab-grown diamond or natural diamond is the same. Diamonds from any of the origin are cut, sorted, graded, polished, and gain certification in the same way. It is worth saying that lab-grown or man-made diamonds are produced in a good way more excellently as compared to natural diamonds is related to cut grade. The fact of this reason is that mined diamonds are in shape naturally. Natural diamond is more ideal as its shape and cut grade are maximize and it is resulting in stones of higher cut grade.

The main difference between these diamonds is based on origin. Man-made or lab-grown diamond is created in the lab and everyone the harsh reality of mined diamond. Every diamond company says a message ‘clean origin’ and ‘conflict-free’. Lab-grown diamond is created in a single base while mined diamonds required 10-20 base.

Bonnie Baldwin