Factors to Choose Before Purchasing a Cigar Humidor:

Factors to Choose Before Purchasing a Cigar Humidor:

Do you know that many cigar humidors are available in the market, which is an excellent way to keep your cigars reliable and fresh?

Well! As per the famous humidor brand Ashton, Humidors are a superb method to keep your cigars new for a long time.

They utilize specific parts to assist with directing both the temperature and moistness inside the unit to protect the tobacco’s flavor and newness.

However, how might you approach ensuring that you pick the right one?

Further, we will discuss how popular these tools are and how to choose the best one.

How Can You Select Reliable Cigar Humidors?

In the following foreign areas, especially Indonesia, people wanted to keep them as their role of identity. However, our blog post will assist with finding this inquiry by showing you basic hints to recollect when purchasing a humidor for cigars.

1.     Choose the correct size:

There are various kinds of humidors for cigars out there, like Padron, the most popular brand. Every one of which comes in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, the initial step is to ensure that you buy the one that can best oblige your cigar assortment.

For example, if you are a gatherer or merchant, you may be in an ideal situation going with a room humidor. These “stroll-in” models are ordinarily the size of a stroll in the storage room. However, it can be utilized to house huge amounts of various sorts of cigars for expanded time frames.

However, if you just have two or three dozen cigars and plan on generally gathering that equivalent sum bureau humidor like Basel Maddox or tabletop humidor may be a decent decision.

  • These can undoubtedly heft around famous cigars. They have the additional advantage of giving a great deal of stylish allure.
  • Lastly, you don’t have the option to appropriately keep up with temperature or stickiness levels in your unit.


Popular Cigar Sizes and Their Consumptions


Team of Cigars Length Consuming Time
Robusto 4 ½ inches 30 Minutes
Small Panatela 5 inches 1 Hour
Petit Corona 5 ½ inches 1.5 Hours
Double Toro 6 inches 2 Hours
Churchill 7 Inches 2.5  Hours


However, check if the humidor for cigars is excessively little, you’ll be compelled to pack your traditional cigar together. Moreover, it could influence their flavor.

Moreover, if it’s excessively enormous, you will not be amplifying your humidor’s inside space. Also, the entirety of the additional stickiness could get consumed by the cigars instead of keeping them in ideal condition.

In many countries, it’s consistently a smart thought to buy a humidor for cigars. You need to focus on that it should be bigger than what you need for your assortment. However, if you at any point choose to buy a couple of additional cigars, you’ll have the adaptability to remember them for your unit.

Moreover, the inverse isn’t the correct option for you to save your trendy cigarettes. You can’t fade down in humidor size. It may cause issues if your cigars assortment is more modest than you had initially expected. However, you should attempt to have as minimal void space in your humidor as conceivable once the ranges of the cigars are put within it.

2.     Consider the Portability of Cigar Humidor:

Are you one of those who wants to travel a lot? Do you have a cigar assortment that is excessively little for bigger humidors like bureau or stroll in models?

Convenient humidors made by MEGACRA Humidors are reliable. The reason is that they are lightweight, little in size, and can, without any use, be hauled around anyplace.

Edward Powell