Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Barberries

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Barberries

Barberries are known as the jewels of Iranian cuisine and a key ingredient in the dishes served in Persian weddings that serve as a symbolic reminder that married life isn’t always sweet. This is because barberries have a strong but delicious tangy and sour flavour that can add a twist on a wide variety of dishes.

Recipes with Barberries

There are numerous dishes that you can make with this red and vibrant jewels. For one, you can top your saffron rice with some barberries to balance out the flavour, then pair your rice with some grilled chicken. You can also make ground beef Gheymeh with barberries which is popular in Azarbaijani districts of Iran. It is an aromatic stew that is often garnished with fried potatoes and served with rice.

There is also the option for you to make some giant Persian meatballs which is a traditional dish in Tabriz, located in the northwest of Iran. This giant meatball, also known locally as Kofteh tabrizi, is stuffed with dried fruits such as barberries, prunes, and apricots, along with some nuts such as walnuts and pistachios. To complete the filling, cooked egg is also added.

Ways To Consume Barberries

Aside from infusing barberries into your dishes and recipes, you can also incorporate them in sauces or jams. Some prefer to drink barberry tea or integrate barberries in topical solutions. There are those who prefer to consume barberry wine too or ingest it as a tincture, capsule, or tablet. In this way, they are able to reap the health benefits of this super fruit instantly. Some of the benefits that you can get from barberries are detailed below.

Benefits Of Barberries

Barberries are high in nutrients, which is why they are good for your overall health. They also contain beneficial plant compounds such as berberine that acts as a powerful antioxidant. It can combat cell damage and help reduce your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Barberries can also help people suffering from diabetes manage their condition or help people with diarrhoea restore their gut health. The latter can still be attributed to the high levels of beberine present in barberries.

In addition to all these, barberries are also good for your dental health because of the anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit. In fact, dental gels containing barberry compounds are used to treat gingivitis and other related inflammation in the mouth. Because of these same anti-inflammatory properties, barberries can also help fight acne. Rest assured that barberries can easily be added to your diet if you are serious about reaping all these health benefits associated with it.

In conclusion, go and get yourself some of these ruby red berries and regularly infuse your dishes with it. You can store them for a long period of time. In case they have been sitting in your pantry for quite some time, you can always reconstitute dried barberries by lightly soaking them, frying them, or simmering them to plump them up once again. Doing so will allow these red gems to release their full flavour.


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