Find The Right Avenue for Debt Collection

Find The Right Avenue for Debt Collection

Bankruptcy petitions for one person are considered by the court in chronological order. The earlier the application is filed, the higher the likelihood of repaying the debt and the fewer other creditors in line in front of you. Creditors also have the right to combine claims for joint consideration by the court. You can also apply to expedite the consideration of the case.

The Right Situation

Situations often arise when your acquaintances, friends, neighbors ask you to lend money, of course to lend money or refuse everyone’s personal business, but consider the situation if you agreed to lend money.

The vigorous actions of one Construction Company resulted in the seizure of the assets of the debtor company, which supplied heat and owed a debt to an energy production company. The actions of the construction company were directed not at the debtor, but at his debtor, the energy company, and led to the suspension of its work. The aggravation of the situation forced the debtor to pay the debt in full. Using the debt collection agency nottingham service is important.

Conducting competent negotiations can resolve the dispute out of court, a competent specialist can competently explain to the debtor all the advantages of resolving the dispute out of court and the negative consequences for the debtor if you go to court.

Declaring a debtor bankrupt allows you to get complete information about his activities and financial condition. The creditor receives information about him not only at the time of the introduction of bankruptcy, but at least for the last three years. This allows you to identify property and challenge transactions.

Bring controlling persons to subsidiary liability

Personal financial responsibility for the company’s debts is borne by: the manager, owners, chief accountant and other persons who made important decisions. An application for bringing to subsidiary liability is filed in a bankruptcy case. The applicant must prove that the bankruptcy of the company is the result of unfair or unreasonable actions of the controlling persons. Unscrupulous actions include evasion of debt payments, loss of accounting records, etc. And unreasonable actions are, for example, transactions made without following the required internal procedures.

In the application, creditors must substantiate that the actions of the controlling person led to bankruptcy, and not only contradicted the interests of the debtor and were in bad faith. The use of the debt collectors nottingham service is an wise choice here.

When is it better to use

It is necessary to dispute transactions (outside of bankruptcy cases) if the creditor can fully or mostly repay the debt at the expense of the alienated asset. Bankruptcy should be initiated in all other cases, including if the creditor is not fully aware of the financial condition of the debtor and the transactions made by him, as well as in the presence of other creditors.


Bringing beneficiaries to subsidiary liability is only possible in a bankruptcy case. Practice shows that it is the institution of bankruptcy that is most effective and in demand among creditors due to its wide range of instruments.

Paul Petersen