Finding a Good Psychic Online

Finding a Good Psychic Online

There are many charlatans out there but just as many reputable sites as well! Some psychics will take you for every penny, whereas some will help you resolve issues and push you in the right direction. At times it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Many psychic readings are on offer, including tarot, soulmate, twin flame, love, money, and even health. The list is endless and something for everyone! Readings come in all packages such as face to face, email, phone, video, and now even instant chat to psychic text reading on a mobile phone. Some also offer spells and rituals as a side-line!

Things to watch out for

1) Does the site have a lock icon (padlock) displayed in the browser? Sites that use sensitive data such as payments should have this.

2) Do the psychics have verified feedback? Be careful of sites that use inbuilt feedback systems since these can be changed. Instead, look for sites that use outside agencies such as Trustpilot. They also have a search where you can check out all companies.

3) Type something like “company name reviews” into a search engine and see what comes up!

4) I have heard of psychic readers that sell a cheap reading, then draw a picture of doom and gloom, and then ask for thousands for a spell to break a curse.

5) Never send a bank transfer before reading since there is no comeback, and if prepayment is required, use a secure online payment system such a PayPal and Swipe.

6) Does the site offer free readings? Some Sites offer free general daily readings from the psychics. These often give you an idea of how the psychic works and if you can relate to them. Sometimes you may be offered the first 3 minutes of reading to get a feel. If you’re not happy within the 3 minutes, you can hang up to avoid any charge.

In conclusion

The bottom line is to have your wits about you and to follow the guidelines above. If something does not feel right, then do not walk away but rather run! However, there are some excellent sites out there, and doing a bit of homework can help you to have a pleasant experience.

Nicholas Jansen