Fine Choices for the Psychotherapy Options

Fine Choices for the Psychotherapy Options

Some nature therapy programs have been widely criticized in the United States for being military-style training camps – with a lot of humiliation involved and no real psychological support. The most famous of these was Steve Cartisano, founder of Challenger Foundation. He was charged with manslaughter when two teenagers died during their excursions with patient groups.

Horse therapy

It is already widely used in Brazil, especially in the treatment of children and adolescents with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other permanent conditions. Learning how to care and ride horses can be an effective way to develop important everyday skills such as self-confidence and patience. In addition, patients often have a great time in hippotherapy sessions, which puts them in a more open state of mind to talk about their problems and difficulties. The use of stress therapy happens to be the best deal here.


Yes, using hypnosis as a form of therapy is real! But you may forget that Fabio Puentes style of making you sleep immediately. In clinics, hypnosis is much less impactful to outsiders, but much more to those undergoing it. The expanded awareness technique has the power to make the patient lower his conscious barriers and access his subconscious.

Nudity Therapy

Everyone has had that dream of being naked in a public place – and, I’m sure, it was horrible, you died of shame, you woke up startled. For now that nudity can be a way to cure anxieties and deal with the expectations you thinks others have of you. It all started with psychologist Paul Bindrim in the late 1960s. He argued that nudity allowed people to get rid of the social expectations created by clothing and made it easier to deal with pure emotions. Nowadays, the popularity of this technique has fallen a lot. But the California Institute of Human Consciousness still offers programs and courses for the development of intimacy and sexuality that involve going to sessions dressed as one has come into the world.

Shock Therapy

Calm down, we are not talking about electric shock (although it was also used as therapy a few decades ago). While some currents of psychologists argue that the patient should be exposed to his homeopathic fears – that is, very slowly – shock supporters think they should face their fears right away. A patient afraid of dogs, for example, will be put to play with them in the first session. This is for the strong.

Sex Therapy

Before a horde of volunteers to participate in this type of therapy, I warn you: it is a powerful tool to help treat people who have had sexual trauma or been abused, so take it as a serious matter. Sex therapists are trained professionals who work closely with psychologists and will help the person break down their barriers – whether they are afraid of a sexual relationship, or a sexual disorder. The therapy is recognized by the international institutions of psychology, and its effects are already considered a major advance in the treatment of patients.

David Lockhart