Fine pitch sockets: what is the significance?

Fine pitch sockets: what is the significance?

Before you understand what is the significance of the fine pitch socket, let’s start with what is the fine pitch socket in the first place.

Fine pitch socket:

A fine pitch socket is an electrical socket that combines the technologies of machining that allows for fine pitch test solutions as well as spring probes. A fine pitch socket comprises two opposing walls which are present between a passageway. The contact pins present on the walls receive an insert. The opposite walls are made of flame-resistant, fibre reinforced thermoplastic polymers.

The purpose of using a fine pitch socket is to provide a permanent and temporary attachment of electronic items to a substrate that comes with its own interconnection circuits. The socket contains wells that contain a semiconductor paste or fluid. This paste/fluid allows for temporary attachment to an electrical circuit.

Uses and properties of the fine pitch sockets

A fine pitch socket is responsible for providing continuous electrical contact while working to reduce the wall damage which occurs during socket testing. These come with a bow type contact. This contact provides a rounded and smooth contact as well as a linear force which helps to minimize the deformation of walls.

If you want to work with a larger pitch size, you will have to go for the fine pitch sockets, which come with expanded versions or exceptional surface-mount technologies.

The advantage of including the opposite walls in the fine pitch socket has allowed the pin insertion to occur without causing any damage to the socket. This also prevents wall collapse when reflow soldering is reduced. This leads to lesser problems with the insertion of the pin after the reflow soldering. The minimization in the wall collapse and the absence of tracking leads to a good removal and insertion cycle of the insert and allows for a fitting and retaining force.

Why do you need a fine pitch socket?

The key benefit to using a fine pitch socket is that it can be removed as well as installed very easily in the region which you are working on for replacing, testing, maintenance or any kind of upgrade.

Fine pitch sockets can also reduce the in-process inventory by allowing the user to install devices during the final assembly stage. Fine pitch sockets have also helped manufacturers standardize the assembly procedures.

This socket allows companies to evaluate, test as well as completely check a system’s elements without any kind of permanent installation. This advantage comes in very handy when a person is dealing with complex devices or new devices.

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Nicholas Jansen