Five Strategies to Respond to Bad Reviews to Build Customer Loyalty?

Five Strategies to Respond to Bad Reviews to Build Customer Loyalty?

Business isn’t always about attracting and making new customers, old customers are what keep the business running. Whether a business is well established or just getting started, customer loyalty is important for a business to be successful. One unhappy customer is more than enough to change the minds of a dozen potential customers.

In the digital era, bad reviews can spread like wildfire and can affect a business by easily impacting hundreds and thousands of possible customers. Even though sites that offer reputation management services like the dirty removal and ripoff report removal are efficient, managing bad reviews is still a daunting task. It is not possible to prevent bad reviews every time but knowing and implementing necessary strategies can help a business in converting a customer with a bad review into a loyal customer. Here are five strategies to respond to bad reviews to build customer loyalty

Ask for Customer Feedback:

A majority of businesses are constantly on the run to make a wide range of customers and increase their business. Even though promoting a business online is an important thing, being active online and social media engagement is the hard part. This is what lets you know about what your customers think about your business and whether they are happy or not. It often happens that businesses do not come to know about a lot of bad reviews and eventually end up not having a clue as to why they are running out of business. So, make it to a point to always ask for customers’ feedback.

Show Gratitude:

Any business can have flaws and things that they need to improve. There is no better judge than the customer to show you what is good, what is bad, and what can be better. Along with asking your customers for feedback, be grateful to them when they do give feedback or leave a review. The reviews can either be positive or negative be it as it may. What matters is that your customers need to know you appreciate the feedback your customers leave you with and that you are sure to do something about it. As an additional tip, you can use the customers first name and thank them for what they wrote. Moreover, you can add your name at the bottom to portray that the customer’s feedback is being dealt with personally.

Apologize & Offer Free Stuff:

As a business owner, when you apologize and take responsibility for your actions, people tend to appreciate it. Moreover, you might rarely find people who do not accept free stuff. A simple thing to do when you happen to come across a customer grievance is to apologize right away. You might as well offer a free product, service, discount coupon, or anything you feel that can make amends.There are high chances that the customer is going to appreciate it all and spread the word to increase your business. A win-win situation for all.

Be Honest:

In most of the situations where a customer is unhappy with your product or service, being honest about why they experienced the inconvenience can quickly right the wrong. Mistakes are bound to happen by anyone at any time, a sincere apology and honesty can do wonders and help maintain good relations with customers in the long run. If a customer has a less than ideal experience. Do not try to make excuses or explain the situation, instead, apologize to them and assure them that it won’t happen again while making up for their recent mishap. Your customers will appreciate it a lot and will feel valued and respected.

Solve the Issue:

Solving an issue does not mean that you do so right away. It means that you show understanding to your customers. They want to see that you understand their problem and are taking efforts towards solving them. One of the best ways to handle bad online reviews is to directly address a customer’s reason for the inconvenience and assure them that the issue is being resolved.

Nicholas Jansen