Five Things Landscapers Can Help With in Your Yard

Five Things Landscapers Can Help With in Your Yard

Your yard can be a lot of work to maintain. You want it to be beautiful; you want to be excited every time you drive home and see your front yard. Unfortunately, the landscape of your dreams can be hard to achieve sometimes when life gets busy with other things. This is where professional Davis County landscapers come in! Professional landscapers can help simplify and improve your outdoor space with a few handy services.

1. Automatic Watering System

No one has the time to regularly stand with a hose to water the flowers and grass. Even if you love doing that, you may go out of town, which means you’d have to hire someone to do it and hope that they don’t let anything die. Having landscapers install an automatic irrigation system in your outdoor space will do it for you! It’ll take the guesswork out of how often and long you need to water.

2. Foliage

You can’t go wrong with having landscapers add trees to your outdoor space in Davis County. Trees and foliage add shade, can grow fruit, make your house feel like home, and can even increase your home’s value. With the large variety of trees to choose from, it is best to determine the purpose it will serve in your design. Deciduous trees are great for providing shade during the hot summer. Also, they are great for winter since their leaves will fall, allowing sunlight to penetrate. When planting trees, be sure you think about where to plant them and what may happen in the future when they grow. When they grow, they may interfere with power lines or roots in septic systems. They may even block views to and from the house.

3. Low-Maintenance & Water Efficient Lawn

If you want to conserve water, which is a great thing to consider in Davis County’s dry climate, you can have landscapers install a water-smart design. Instead of lots of grass, rock pavers and patios can be added to fill the space. You can also choose bushes and shrubs that don’t require lots of water to thrive. Not only can these save time on maintenance, but they also help save you money on water costs.

4. Aesthetic Matching to Your Home’s Style

One way to get a return on your investment in professional landscapers is to make sure your outdoor space in Davis County matches the style of your home. If you have an elegant home, it makes sense to add magnificent fountains or ponds. If your home is modern, add modern features.

5. Privacy

A big selling point for buyers is big, open windows. More and more, people love having natural light and the feeling of open space that is given from big windows. However, this also means neighbors or people passing can easily see into your home. To keep the feeling of open space while having privacy, you can have landscapers include airy-textured shrubs in your landscape design to create a light barrier.

If you are looking to increase the value of your home in Davis County, you may want to consider utilizing professional landscapers to help you implement time-saving and environmentally friendly measures in your outdoor space.

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Bonnie Baldwin