Five Things You Must Know About a Nursing Career

Five Things You Must Know About a Nursing Career


If you are the type of person who loves a challenge but also enjoys serving people then a nursing career might be for you. However, a nursing career can be challenging, sad and overwhelming at times. However, if you are looking for a job where you will see great joys and great sadness every day, then nursing might be for you. Here are some things you should know about accelerated nursing programs in Kansas city before you decide to go to school.

It is Challenging

There is no other job more challenging than nursing. You will have to lift heavy people and things every day. You will see people at their worst and experience the worst of people in pain. You will be challenged emotionally as you see adults and children suffer and be in pain. It is back breaking work that requires a lot of selflessness. You will have days that you go home and cry and you will have days that you go home and celebrate.

It is a Team Event

Nursing requires you to work as a team to get the job done. After collating with doctors and therapists you have to put the plan in action. It is difficult to keep everyone moving in the same direction but that is your job. You have to be able to work with many different people and many different personalities in order to get the job done. Doctors and therapists are not always clear on instructions. You have to have good common sense to make good decisions to help your patients while following doctors orders.

It is Thankless

People often do not appreciate all that their nurses do for them. They don’t realize all the hard work that is done. Often times family members take out their frustration on nurses. You are the first person that takes the heat when someone is in pain or unhappy. Family members don’t realize the amount of work that you do and will not thank you for your work. That gets frustrating and can burn a person out. Before you start the accelerated nursing programs kansas city know that you may not always be thanked for all your work.

It is Misunderstood

People don’t understand the work that is put in. Along with that, many people don’t understand why the doctor is wanting things done a certain way. This confusion causes anger. Along with that, people don’t understand why you choose to put yourself through the pain and agony of the job. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to go twelve hour shifts without being able to get a drink or go to the bathroom. You will be running your legs off with patients everywhere. People will ask why you don’t just switch occupations. The answer is easy, you love your job and the effect it has on people’s lives, no matter the cost.

School Doesn’t Prepare You

The books that you will read and the tasks that you will complete to finish school will not prepare you for the real life job. When you are studying remember that the real life job is more than just answering a few questions right on a test. So be sure that you are fully prepared for the tasking job of taking care of people who are really sick and may die.


There is a lot to the job of nursing. When your job is taking care of people at their worst, you will see a lot of worst things. It is difficult to see people suffer, but unfortunately that’s part of the job. People will die. But people will also experience great recovery. People will survive things and experience joy unlike any other job in the world. How wonderful to be a part of that.

Edward Powell