Flea Market Treasures Abound All Around

Flea Market Treasures Abound All Around

A day at the flea market is like a trip down memory lane with a Kmart mixed in for good measure. You never know what you might find at your local flea market. Many vendors set up with antiques and collectables while many others have brand new products for sale. It can be a hit or miss at your local flea market. I have found priceless, one of a kind items that one could not find anywhere else.

Priceless because they are just that, one of a kind. It might not be priceless to you, however to the right buyer, it might be. That is the attraction or allure, if you will, of the flea market. The prices are usually below retail for new items and you can always haggle for the second hand collectables and antiques. The local flea market or pulga has been around for a long time. They were around before and during the time of Christ.

There really wasn’t that much “new stuff” out in the ancient world. Most everything was used. That is not to say that “new” items were not out there for sale. People made items for sale that were new, never used, I’m referring to the fact it was not made by a sanitized, clean, new machine and wrapped in a plastic bag and put in a box and sealed with tape. So people have been hawking their wares for thousands of years.

This is what has led up to the current day flea market. The spanish term pulga means flea. The term flea market comes from a French translation that simply means, Raggedy goods with fleas. A reference to the used and dilapidated state of the sellers second hand goods. We have come very far in the last few hundred years and most of the stuff you will find at today’s flea market is not infested with fleas. What you will find is everything under the sun, from fresh apples to Zebra skins. I’m not kidding with you. I have seen many bizzare, priceless one of a kind items , at flea markets.

One of the fun aspects of a flea market is the fact that you can sell your own stuff without a great big hassle involved. Most old local drive in theaters are the locations for weekend flea markets. Parking lots are becoming very popular with the downfall of the drive in theater. Check the local paper or go online and see where and when there is to be a flea market in your area.

So…now you pack up a couple of fold out tables and grab some of the treasures you have accumulated over the years, that is now cluttering your garage and attic, not to mention the basement. Load all this up in your truck or car and head out to the flea market spot. Set up your tables and put your stuff out and only price a few things.

This gives you the upper hand in bargaining negotiations as you get to feel out your customer first. I have also learned that you put up something on your table with a big sign that says “not for sale”. Why do this? Because people are curious animals and want something that they can not have, and want to know why it’s not for sale. Which will bring them to your table and open a conversation with you so you can sell them something else. Works like a charm. So whether your selling or buying at the flea market it is a great way to spend a sunny day.

Edward Powell