Foods that can lower the risk of cancer

Foods that can lower the risk of cancer

What you eat is going to impact your health on a significant basis. It is for this reason that it is often suggested that you eat healthily to avoid the risk of developing chronic disorders such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer.

Your diet is eventually impacted by what you eat. Therefore, you must keep a check with it. Most foods contain several compounds that can help to slow down the growth of cancerous cells. Moreover, most of these foods are scientifically proven to have lowered the risk of cancer.

Some of the prominent foods that you should be eating to lower the risk of cancer include the following.


You may not like this food, but it is incredibly healthy. Broccoli contains sulforaphane that is found in most of the cruciferous vegetables. This includes all the anti-cancerous properties that can be extremely helpful.

You should prefer including broccoli in your meal if you want to fight off cancer. Nonetheless, experts such as Ryan Smith, Lexington KY, suggest that more research needs to be done to determine how fruitful broccoli is in fighting off cancer.


Carrots are beneficial, and different studies have shown to reduce the different types of cancer. One of the studies has shown that consuming carrots in high amounts can help lower the risk of developing cancer by 18%.

You should prefer including carrots in your diet as a healthy snack or just as a side dish. Consuming carrot for a few days can be extremely helpful for lowering the risk of cancer. But only including carrots won’t be enough. You will need to consume other food items as well.


Being high in anthocyanins, berries can be beneficial for reducing cancer due to their antioxidant properties. Ryan Smith, Lexington, KY, suggests consuming one or two cups of cancer each day to reduce the risk of cancer.

Berry extracts act as potential biomarkers for cancer. You need to include berries in your diet to prevent the development of cancer. However, more human studies need to be done to determine the severity of the impact regarding berry consumption.

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