Four Traits a Seller Should Look for in a Potential Home Buyer

Four Traits a Seller Should Look for in a Potential Home Buyer


Homes in Fort Worth are selling faster than ever. Homes are on the market for an average of 16 days, compared to 30 days last year. If you are looking to sell your house, this is great news. You will probably have at least a few offers to choose from. However, before you accept just any offer, take some extra time to look carefully at the home buyers. This is a luxury that you cannot always afford in a buyer’s market, but should definitely take advantage of these days. Here are four traits you want to see in the person or people purchasing your Fort Worth home:

Dependable – you want buyers who are going to follow through on closing. When it comes to the housing market, this has as much if not more to do with their situation than it does personality. Have they sold their own home? Or can they easily terminate their rental lease? Are they moving to the Fort Worth area on a whim or do they have a solid job offer. If not, they might not be able to follow through on purchasing your house. In the meantime, your ideal buyers will have moved on.

Satisfied – You want the potential buyers of your home to be happy with their new house. While you may not meet with them in person, they may send a personal letter with their offer stating the reasons they love your house. They are more likely to close quickly and without complications, if they are highly satisfied.

Motivated – The more time your house spends on the market, the more money you will inevitably pay as you hold onto it. This can prevent you from investing that money in a new home or other endeavors. You want to find buyers who are motivated to close quickly, ideally within 30 days.

Competitive – Finally, it’s, of course, important to look at the actual offer on the table. Are your buyers offering a fair price for your home? The highest bidder is not always the best choice, but you also don’t want to end up with an offer that undervalues your property. Especially in a competitive market, like today’s market in Fort Worth, you should be able to sell your house for what it’s truly worth.

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Edward Powell