Fundraiser Ideas For A School Trip

Fundraiser Ideas For A School Trip

Schools would normally need money for one thing or the other. The major source through which they get money to fund the things they need is Fundraising. Fundraising is a fun and exciting way to collect money to carry out intended projects, like school trips.  For the easiest fundraising solutions, visit

A school trip is an adventurous experience for the kids. They get to learn new things while having fun at places like Apple Orchard, Pumpkin Patch, Aquarium, Ice Skating, Science Museum, indoor playground for kids, etc. A school trip is fun and adventurous, but cannot be possible if there is no funding. How does the school intend to fund the school trip for the kids? Fundraising.

The school can raise enough money to fund the school trip with well-planned preschool fundraiser ideas. Although there are several fundraising options, the following are the best fundraiser ideas for a school trip;

Art competition- plan an arty competition for preschool kids to create artwork around a fun theme. Charge a participation fee for the competition. Every child would want to show their creative side, so they won’t hesitate to pay a few dollars to get into the competition.  Motivate them by awarding the best positions.

Disney Day- this is a fun and exciting preschool fundraiser idea that the kids will love. Kids love Disney and they usually have a favorite Disney character. Ask the kids to donate a fee to dress up as their favorite Disney character. Disney day promises to be fun; it gives them a sneak peek of the fun they will have on the school trip.

No uniform day- kids absolutely love this and will get their parents to pay any amount to have them come to school in their own clothes. Let the kids ditch their school uniform for a fee. They all have that favorite cloth they want their friends to see them wear.

Dog walk- dogs are kids’ best friends, so give them the chance to bring their furry friend for a dog walk fundraiser for a fee. A dog walk fundraiser is fun; the dogs get to make new friends and the kids have more things to talk about with their classmates. It’s a good way to make the kids socialize and raise money while at it.

Dog wash- organize a dog wash fundraiser where the kids get to bring their dogs to school to wash for a fee. Other people can also bring their dogs to be cleaned up for a donation fee. Get volunteers from members of the PTO to wash dogs for the dog owners.

Bake sale- a bake sale is a great preschool fundraiser idea. Everyone loves fresh homemade baked foods; be sure that people will turn up for this. Get the kids to buy fresh baked foods for a fee. Make sure to invite the parents as well. Announce and promote your bake sale to get many people to support you.

Chocolate Fundraiser- everyone loves chocolate, which is why you should organize a chocolate fundraiser to raise money for your school trip. Provide chocolate bars in different flavors for everyone to enjoy. Get the kids and their parents to buy chocolate bars at your fundraising event. Provide flavors ranging from, almond, caramel, mint, milk, and peanut chocolate flavors.

Pajamas Day- get the kids to pay a fee in exchange for them coming to school in pajamas. Let the children come to school in pajamas and watch them jump around with excitement. Pajamas day is a fun way to raise money for a school trip. All you have to do is inform the parents about your fundraising plans for the school trip.

Photography fundraiser- set up a photo booth and hire a local photographer to take pictures of kids and their parents in a costume. This can be a support idea for Disney day, pajama day, and no uniform day. Help the kids to capture the memories while the school gets an agreed percentage from every picture the photographer takes. After wearing something other than the school uniform, it’s only appropriate that they have cute pictures to preserve the memory.

Recycling drive- partner with a recycling company and sell items that are no longer in use to them. Get the kids to bring items lying around in their homes. Old phones, plastic, cartridges, metals, keys, etc that are no longer in use can be used to raise money instead of having them end up in the bin.

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