Fundraising for Cheerleaders: How to

Fundraising for Cheerleaders: How to

Cheerleading fundraising is done annually by cheer groups to support them with their expenses. It is known to many people that cheerleaders need a budget for their fancy uniforms. They often go to places where tournaments are held, and this requires travel fees. For long-distance game tournaments, cheerleaders need to pay for hotel accommodations. This being said, annual fundraisers is truly a must for the cheer group.  Fundraising for cheerleaders can be a daunting task, we hope this list will help.

Simple Cheerleading Fundraising Campaigns

Let’s take a closer look at the simplest cheerleading fundraising tips your cheerleaders can organize. They are simple, yet they are tried and tested to be profitable. Many fundraisers have done it before, and so can your cheerleading group.  For help with your cheer fundraising, visit Fundraising Zone.

Distribute Sponsorship Letter

The simplest way to get sponsors for cheerleading fundraising is by making a professionally written sponsorship letter. What to include in your letter? In your letter, indicate the reason for your fundraiser. Clearly state your fundraising goals. It is also better if you could explain how your sponsors can make a difference by donating.

Sending sponsorship letters is a quick and easy way to earn a huge amount of funds.

Send out Solicited E-mail Letters

E-mail letters are very much the same as sponsorship letters. However, e-mails need to be solicited so that they don’t end up on spam messages, or ignored by the recipient. Before sending out email solicitations, it is better to ask beforehand, permission to the prospective sponsor. Just like the physical sponsorship letter, electronic mail is just as effective in getting sponsorships.

Car wash Fundraising for your Cheer Group

The cheerleading fundraising group can organize a car wash fundraiser. Car washing may be tiring but it may contribute a lot to your fundraiser. What will you need for the car wash fundraiser? A handful of volunteers willing to wash cars.

You have to find a good place to put up the car wash. A busy road would be a perfect place for a car wash, but make sure you have extra parking space for those who are willing to wait. Have a checklist of the supplies you need.

For a car wash you will need the following:

  • Water hose
  • Pressure washer
  • Car shampoo
  • Sponge
  • Brush (for tires)
  • Dry towels or chamois
  • Wet & dry vacuum

Maximize your car wash fundraiser by selling some snacks to customers. Prepare some sandwiches or some mixed nuts to sell. It is also a good idea to sell some refreshing drinks like lemonade and bottled water.

Make sure you put up a banner about your car wash fundraiser. This way, passersby might be interested in giving out donations. With this in mind, why not put up a jar for spare changes? Spare changes may accumulate into a valuable sum of money.

In no time, see how your cheerleading fundraising campaign earns enough funds.

Conduct a Yard Sale for Cheerleading Fundraising

Yard sales are proven money-makers. The good thing about a yard sale is that you can start without upfront costs. Cheerleaders just have to encourage students, teachers, parents, and other community members to donate their unused items at home.

Promote your yard sale cheerleading fundraising to get more contributors. Announce a sale date and invite everyone in town to check out your items. Use every marketing method you can use to get the best exposure for your yard sale fundraiser.

Want to earn more with your yard sale? Why not sell some snacks and drinks for the people who will visit the yard sale? Your cheer group may sell some popcorn, cookies, lemonade, and hotdogs for snacks.

A yard sale is profitable since people love to buy second-hand items. Second-hand items are inexpensive. Remember the old saying, someone’s trash can be someone’s treasure.

Another way of organizing a yard sale for cheerleading fundraising is to find a business that does buy and sell. This is a time and effort saver. Instead of selling the collected items for the yard sale, the buy and sell person will collect all the items from your yard sale. They will assess the collection for value and write you a check.

Venture into Brochure Fundraisers

Brochure fundraisers can be done through online fundraising companies. By seeking their help, you will not have to prepare any items to sell. The fundraising company will provide everything you need to start. They provide the products and professionally designed brochures.

All you need to do is to promote your brochure for cheerleading fundraising. They also provide free consultancy and a high percentage share from the sale. They also provide you with a free fundraising kit, so what more could you ask for?

Edward Powell