Future of Online Gaming: 2 Emerging Technology Trends

Future of Online Gaming: 2 Emerging Technology Trends

Technology is evolving at a rapid speed. If you need any proof of the speedy advancement of digital technology, take a glimpse at the online gaming industry. It has been a roller coaster ride for all the gamers, both hardcore or casual types. Most of you might have a wishlist for how a game should be in the future. Well, you will be delighted to know that your wishlist is soon to be fulfilled as technology is bringing a new phase of online games. Listed below are the 5 tips that you can expect in the future of gaming.

Immersive Gaming: The Return of Virtual Reality

Some of you might get surprised to know that 3D films have existed a decade before. That time the technology didn’t get enough opportunity to fly high due to high costs. It is not until in recent years that people have seen the return of 3D technology not only in big films but also in the gaming industry like juegos de casino.

Secondary Screens for Gaming

With a crazy market for handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, the console war between the three major brands has escalated, with a rush to establish a secondary gaming device for players.

  1. Wii U

Look at the newly released Wii U gamepad, which features an in-built touchscreen that can offer a supplement to the games. In first-person shooter games, a second screen permits you to access the map or your inventory effortlessly without letting you leave the game field.

  1. SmartGlass

Even Microsoft is considering the competition with Xbox smart glass. Nevertheless, unlike the Wii U, the smart glass acts like an additional tool for gamers to interact with. It can be downloaded and accessed easily from tablets or smartphones.

  1. Sony Cross-Play

Sony has taken the first step towards the integration of their PlayStation 3 console with a handheld device, PS via the cross-play feature, permitting the gamer to stop playing on one device and take the advantages of playing on another device.

You can never really predict how technology will change the intended use of the original creation. Saying that it is still delightful to know that the online gaming industry is moving towards uncharted territory, always pushing the limits.

Nicholas Jansen