Gedung Sate Bandung

Gedung Sate Bandung

Gedung Sate is one of the historical attractions in Bandung. Below are some facts about Gedung Sate in Bandung.

The building using the sate pole like turnpike

Gedung Sate using its unique ornament that resembles a stick, was a landmark building for the town of Bandung for quite a long time. Not only for residents of Bandung or West Java, but people all over Indonesia understand the manner of their building which became an illustration for many other structures in West Java The construction of the railroad station in Tasikmalaya is a great example. It had been constructed in 1920, and as of today, the still white authorities construction is presently used as the middle of power for the state of West Java.

During the Dutch colonial time, Gedung Sate was called the GouvernementsBedrijven or G.B. The first stone was set by Johanna Catherina Coops, the eldest daughter of the mayor of Bandung, B. Coops along with his wife PetronellaRoelofsen that had been the repetitions of the Governor-General at Batavia, J.P. Graaf van Limburg Stirum, at 27 July 1920. The construction is the consequence of a planning team that has been created up from Ir. Eh. G Hendriks from the local government of Bandoeng.

Structure of the building

Around 2.000 individuals were involved with the construction of the building. One hundred fifty of these were exceptionally skilled stone and wood employees from the Chinese regions of Konghu and Kanton. They obtained aid from different stone-workers, coolies alongside other workers which dwelt in the cities of KampungSekeloa, KampungCoblong Dago, KampungGandok and KampungCibarengkok. They earlier worked on the GedongSirap building at the campus of the TechnischeHogeschoolBandoeng (nowadays InstitutTeknologi Bandung and GedongPapak, the town hall of Bandung.

After four decades of construction, at Sept 1924, the most important building for your GouvernementsBedrijven has been completed, and also the most significant office to the PTT (Post, Telefoon en Telegraaf, Mail, Telephone and Telegraph) and a library.


The design of Gedung Sate is a work of Ir. J. Gerber and his team that had in mind to make a design that closely resembled the works of renowned Dutch architect Dr. Hendrik Petrus, which used many traditional attributes from all over Indonesia in his plans. Many architects and structural designers say Gedung Sate is a monumental building that communicates a distinctive architectural design, which is called Indo-European architecture.

Inside and around the construction

Gedung Sate is used as the office for the Senate as well as vice-governor side 1980, but additionally as the primary structure of this government of the state of West Java. Earlier they were situated at GedungKertaMukti in Jalan Braga. The offices of the governor and vice-governor are on the second floor of the building. Not all workers around them operate at Gedung Sate, a few of them work in GedungBaru.

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