Get an overview of money-making tips by selling your music Royalty

Get an overview of money-making tips by selling your music Royalty


Trading Royalty Shares 

Zeptagram is the global platform that creates a bridge between the people who want to buy music royalty rights online and artists who can earn money from selling a part of their future income as royalty to the general public, while the ownership of the copyright remains intact with them. Taking advantage of the capabilities of the advancements in today’s technologies, Zeptagram is creating a new contemporary path to the challenging systems of today’s music business. They blend the opportunities of crowdfunding, blockchain technology, tokenization, and online trading into a common profitable music ecosystem.

Improve cash flow with NSO 

There are many artists and labels that launch New Share Offerings (NSOs) to sell shares of future song earnings to the public especially fans, music lovers, and investors. This share offerings allow the general public like fans and investors to earn from selling their shares to others at a profit, or by amassing royalty dispersion payments from the revenue that the song generates. These all exciting things happen on several music rights trading platforms and Zeptagram is one of them. While allowing your fans, you can easily create an additional revenue stream for yourself with the tokenization of new songs. These platforms allow your fans to become your investors, delivering a huge advancement of your cash flow and liquidity. You will have the privilege to invest this capital into your career or promotion of your music. 

Fan Activation

Zeptagram offers incredible opportunities for the provocation of your existing fan base. Significantly it allows your shareholders to generate and earn revenue by listening and sharing your music in the digital world. This enables you to enjoy the privilege of having two direct benefits. 

  • You can easily invest this payout into the advertising of your song that can increase the revenue out of this song. 
  • You develop a warm relationship with your fans, as you both share a common interest in the pursuit of profit, without giving away ownership over your valuable creations.

Your fans become a vital part of your business, and this mutual interest allows them to become your best promoters. As you are sharing a part of your future profits with them that allows your fans to become shareholders and start adding your song to all kinds of playlists, linking the playlist in online content by the process of back-linking, and even by listening to the playlist on different streaming services; they earn and you earn. Think about the accruing effect this will have on your business and the aggressive growth in advertising power you can experience. It can excite you to know that you will have full ownership of your music and connected copyrights. We are architecting this platform to allow you to take benefits as an artist, and to create a more strong connection between you and your fans, and to foster a healthier and better economy for the music industry.

Bridging Gap between East and West

Zeptagram offers a platform where you can publish your music, raise funding and share the success with your fans, family and friends. 

Why Start With Zeptagram Today?

  • Fan Activation

Every share-holder whether it is about your fans, or investors, or any general will always be your best promoter. They earn by promoting the song online on social media, in playlists, in reviews, in blogs, and also by just listening to the track on any streaming services.

  • Market Bridge

Zeptagram is connected with multiple partners in the music business. With a dedicated team of specialists in each continent, they invest our resources in connecting your music with the entire world.

Bonnie Baldwin