Get the rummy app for free. Download Now.

Get the rummy app for free. Download Now.

Rummy continues to be a popular card game across the world. The online gaming scenario has changed for rummy in recent years. More and more people are now looking at online rummy as an effective way of entertainment and learning. In case we are still new to this scene, all we need to do to get started is to get a rummy app download on our phones. The download doesn’t cost any money. We can start playing just by learning the simple, basic rules of rummy. Once we get acquainted with the rules of the game, we can play rummy at any time of the day, for some quick refreshment and mental boost. Read on to learn about a few suggestions on how we can improve our rummy skills.

Ways to improve our rummy game

  • Being observant of our opponents’ moves

As much as it’s important to focus on melding our cards into valid combinations as soon as possible, it’s equally important to keep an eye on our opponents’ moves. We should pay attention to which cards he/she is discarding, and which cards he/she is picking up from the open deck. For instance, if the opponent picks up a 7 of diamonds, we can assume that cards consecutive to 7 are not safe to be discarded. Similarly, if he/she discards a king of hearts, we can safely discard a face card that we have.

  • Knowing when to drop the game

Although it’s easy to understand why players keep on persisting in rummy in the hopes of getting better cards, it’s foolish to keep on playing even after being dealt a bad hand. Sometimes, no cards in our hands can be melded into any possible combinations. At times like this, it is smart to not continue but to drop the game. Dropping early in the game ensures that we do not collect a lot of points. Dropping in the first turn will cost us a meager 20 points while dropping in subsequent turns will cost us more and more points. If we keep on playing with unmatched cards, points will be calculated on the basis of every unmatched card we own, which will drastically increase our points.

  • Discarding cards which are consecutive to wildcard joker

In case our hands have unmatched and unnecessary cards that are consecutive to the wildcard jokers, we can discard them early. In case our opponents have wildcard jokers with them, it is more likely that they will use those as substitutes for other cards to form valid sequences, instead of using them to form sets or sequences with the actual value printed on them.

  • Practice on free games

The best way to improve our rummy skills is by practicing often on the free version of the game, or free tournaments. There’s nothing to lose in these free games, as opposed to the risk of losing cash in cash rummy. Before we proceed to try our hand in cash rummy, it is advisable to learn the intricacies of the game in free rummy.


Once we start playing rummy, we realize the reasons for its enduring popularity among the masses. The above-mentioned suggestions are helpful in improving our rummy skills. All we need to do is get playing after a rummy app download.

Edward Powell