Gozo, the little known sister island of Malta

Gozo, the little known sister island of Malta

Natural landscapes, historical heritage, the Temples of Ggantija and even what remains of the famous Blue Window. Discover the rural charm of Gozo and how to get to Malta’s second most important island. The island is famous for its numerous tourist attractions, among which are the Ggantija Temples, trails and deep blue waters, ideal for bathing or diving. If you want to discover the island’s amazing coast line, you can easily hire a boat from maltacharters.com.

The natural beauty of Gozo is so impressive that even Homer was inspired by this island to write The Odyssey, which tells how the nymph Calypso kept Ulysses for seven years, seducing him on an island paradise.

Although Gozo is a destination that thrives on tourism, it has managed to maintain its rural essence that sets it apart from Malta. Throughout the island, you will find farms, fields of cultivation and countless churches and parishes. Gozo is deeply Catholic. If you are thinking of visiting Gozo, you cannot miss the charm of Victoria, the capital of Gozo.

The capital: Victoria

Victoria is the capital and the most important city in Gozo. Although locals still call it by its old name, Rabat, in 1887, it was renamed Victoria to honor the Queen of England.

The most beautiful area of ​​Victoria is its Citadel, which dates back to medieval times. The first settlers in this small walled city were the Knights of the Order and the nobles arrived from Aragon. From the top of the city, you will have a unique view of Gozo.

In the Citadel, there are the Cathedral of the Assumption, known for the frescoes of the false dome, the old prison on the island, the Natural Museum of Gozo and Republic Street, the main commercial avenue.

What to see in Gozo

These are some of the attractions of Gozo that you cannot miss if you visit this island of Malta:

Temples of Ggantija: These megalithic temples, declared a World Heritage Site, are the oldest human construction in the world, even before Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt. They were built between 3600 and 3200 BC and were dedicated to the goddess of fertility.

The Blue Window: or rather, what remains of it. This unique rock that was the symbol of Malta for years, was destroyed by a storm in the year 2017. The natural beauty of the surroundings makes tourists continue to visit the area. In addition, if the sea is calm, it is possible to see how the detached rock appears over the waters.

Cala Xlendi: The paradisiacal climate and lively atmosphere of this small bay is ideal for diving, relaxing on the beach and enjoying a sunny day.

Fungus Rock: this peculiar stone in the bay of Dwerja does not go unnoticed by fans of Game of Thrones, because here was the wedding of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo.

How to get to Gozo?

Gozo is six kilometers northwest of the island of Malta. The only way to get there by public transport is by ferry . The trip takes about 25 minutes and the ferries leave every 45 minutes from the Maltese port of Cirkewwa and arrive at the port of Mgarr, in Gozo.

David Lockhart