Guide On Passing Weed Drug Test By Buying Fake Urine

Guide On Passing Weed Drug Test By Buying Fake Urine

We have to start by saying that drug testing has become a mandatory requirement for being hired, and employers can conduct them for current employees to check the patterns of abuse.

Even though weed has became decriminalized in most states across the USA, the federal government still considers it as the illegal substance, which is why employers can fire you if they notice traces of THC metabolites through drug screenings.

Law allows employers to deny employment to people that are consuming weed, which is the main reason why people find ways to tamper with the results, especially if they are using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

One of the foolproof reasons is by buying fake urine for a drug test, which will help you pass it, but you have to follow instructions on the link we shared with you.

Of course, we have to state that the best way to make sure that you stay negative is to avoid consuming the weed altogether. 

However, since THC metabolites tend to linger inside our bodies for weeks after consumption, you will need quite some time to do it naturally, especially if you are a frequent user.

Therefore, you have to find ways to pass the test by cheating and tampering with the results. 

Even though that may be a risky decision, especially if you have in mind that it is violation of law, but to stay on the right track, we decided to present you ways to cleanse yourself from weed.

Types of Drug Tests


It is vital to understand what types of drug tests exist on the market because by learning more about them, you can find out how to pass the test with ease.

The idea of drug testing is for technicians to take your biological specimen and check it for the presence of illegal drugs and prescription meds that may affect your productivity at workplace.

We decided to present to you the tests that are simplest to pass based on the biological specimen used to check the presence of illicit substances. 


  • Saliva 


Saliva drug screening is one of the most convenient solutions for both employers and employees since it is simple to administer, and you will be able to reach the results in timely manner.

It is popular because employers can do it at the workplace for both employment process and random workplace tests. Even though it will provide you fast results, you can rest assured because it is highly accurate.

The process includes inserting a cotton swab or small brush between the lower cheek and gums. The technician will move the swab over the gums and under the tongue for a few minutes to collect appropriate amounts of saliva from various parts of your mouth.

After that, they will place the swab in the test tube for the next five minutes, and if the liquid changes color, it means that the results are positive.

On the other hand, technicians can use an absorbent strip and place between lower cheek and gums, and if the piece changes color, it means that you have presence of drug metabolites within your mouth.

The main advantage of this particular type of drug test is that you will be able to conduct it with ease and detect the presence of current intoxication as well as the presence of drugs that you consumed in the last three days tops.

Of course, everything depends on numerous factors such as metabolism rate, weight, height, and frequency of smoking, which plays the most significant role. In case you smoke weed less than once a month, you will be able to cleanse saliva in twelve hours approximately.

Since the test is consistent when it comes to checking out the short-term usage, the idea is to prepare by accelerating the process of withdrawal from drugs. 

However, the saliva drug test does not come with specific strategies for detoxification because it features short window of detection, which means that you can cleanse yourself in a matter of days compared with other types of screenings such as urinalysis.

The best way to do it is to abstain from smoking from the moment you notice the screening date. The chances of passing the test through abstinence are the most successful, and you can boost the process by consuming liquids and exercising along the way.

You can learn everything about this particular type of drug screening by clicking here. 


  • Urine 


We have to start by saying that urinalysis is the most common way of detecting the presence of illicit substances within your body, especially cannabis and its metabolites. Even though it requires more significant preparation than saliva screening, it is highly efficient and convenient.

As soon as the employer decides to schedule a testing date, he/she will have to find the proper lab that will supervise the entire process to reduce the possibility of tampering and lousy results.

You have to reach the lab in the appointed time, and technicians will give you a container or a cup, in which you should collect the sample. 

In some cases, they will supervise you during the process of getting the sample, but that may be a breach of privacy, which is why you should ask for legal reasons before you proceed.

The results will be available in the next few days, depending on whether initial test finds something or not. 

As soon as you give the sample, they will take it to the lab for testing purposes, and the employer will get a comprehensive report in the next few days.

When compared with saliva tests that can detect recent weed consumption, urinalysis can determine the cannabis presence in the last month and more. Of course, everything depends on factors such as body fat content, frequency of smoking, metabolism rate and many more.

In most situations, you will need at least two weeks to cleanse your body from THC metabolites. Therefore, the best way to do it is through natural detoxification by combining drinking plenty of liquids, exercising, and abstaining from consumption.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough time to do it naturally, you can find numerous products that will help you along the way. Apart from detox drinks that will mask the presence of drugs by diluting the urine, you can substitute the sample with fake pee to pass it as well.


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