Handy Examines the Types of Music That Will Decrease Your Productivity

Handy Examines the Types of Music That Will Decrease Your Productivity


Music is one of the most marvelous art forms that only human beings can appreciate, and it is certainly one of the oldest forms of art known to the human being. Human beings create and listen to music to experience happiness, sadness, wonder, etc. It is common knowledge that listening to certain types of music can increase your productivity. However, Handy believes that listening to certain types of music and decrease your productivity as well.

The Music

Here are some types of music that can decrease your productivity:

  1. Electronic Dance Music – Electronic dance music is popularly known as EDM and is mainly produced by DJs. These types of music are ideal for hearing in clubs or even on any live program but not at the time of work. These types of music can break your concentration and as a result, decrease your productivity.
  1. Rock Music – Rock music originated as ‘Rock and Roll’ in the United States. It is a kind of music that is made around string instruments. Rock music generally has loud and strong beats and is very popular among the youth. Thus, you should not listen to rock music while working as there is a huge chance that your concentration would break due to the exciting beats.
  1. Jazz – Jazz is a type of music that has its roots both in the West African as well as European culture. Jazz music boasts a unique combination of creativity, coactions, as well as interactivity. Jazz music originated in the late 19th to early 20th century. It is best suited for a party as listening to Jazz music evokes a romantic vibe.
  1. Rhythm and Blues – Almost all legendary artists such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and many other renowned artists have earned their fame in the music industry by signing this form of music. This type of music was first originated during the 1940s and is very suitable for a party since it is a combination of hip hop music, funk, dance, pop, and sou. Rhythm and Blues music is mostly focused on various themes like relationships, sex, and freedom.

As such, when you listen to such type of music at the time of work it is obvious that your concentration will break and decrease your productivity.

  1. Pop music – This is a popular genre of music and it has its roots in the rock and roll style. In this form of music, various types of instruments are used that include electric guitars, synthesizers, drums, and bass that make loud noises and not suitable for the office environment.


According to Handy, you should avoid any type of music that features vocals, lyrics, or loud sounds. These types of music can distract you pretty easily and constantly fight for your attention. Listening to ambient music or nature sounds works best to increase your productivity and help you stay focused. Some people cannot work with any kind of noise present in the environment. If you are one of those people, working in silence would be the best option for you.

Nicholas Jansen