Here’s Why Your Phone Is Overheating

Here’s Why Your Phone Is Overheating

These days, we can’t afford to be without our smartphones. They connect us to the rest of the world, enabling us to perform our daily activities. While getting glued to one’s phone has been criticized for its health risks, we can’t deny the convenience they bring.

One of the most common concerns about our mobile phones is its tendency to feel warm to the touch. Should you be concerned?

Battery or charging issues

If you have an old model, chances are, you need battery replacement. If you’re not sure, you can always contact your manufacturer. If you live in Utah, there are many options for phone repair services in Salt Lake City and other places.

If charging issues occur, then you should seek out professional help. Your battery could be damaged or overcharged, which can cause overheating and result in many other hardware issues.


Phone overheating has also been linked to malware. Even if you’re careful about the apps you download or you’ve never enabled installations from unknown sources, you can still pick up something nasty somewhere.

One way you can determine this is if your phone is slow, in addition to being warm. If you suspect this, then definitely have your phone looked at. After all, you could be looking at data or privacy breach, which could be more dangerous than overheating.

Simple overuse

At times, we might not be aware of how long we’ve been using our phones. If you’ve been using it and then feel like it’s too warm to the touch, then there could be apparent suspects. Have you been using too many apps or playing games for some time? Is your brightness too high? Have you been connected to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or data for too long?

Before panicking, check to see if any of these things are true for you. Your “too hot” phone could merely be exhibiting typical signs of usage. Also, try to determine if it’s too hot against the skin, or if it’s simply warm due to some use.

As a bonus, you can always turn on airplane mode or battery saver to quickly get rid of connectivity and other non-essentials. This will let your phone rest for a bit.

Apps running in the background

If you haven’t been using your phone at all, then feel that it’s suspiciously warm when you pick it up, then you could unknowingly have some apps running in the background. This can often happen, causing your phone to work harder instead of being at rest when it’s not in use.

In this case, you’ll probably notice that your battery life is shorter. You can quickly determine if you have unnecessary running apps in your app management section or your iPhone’s home button. Make sure to swipe the apps away or stop them from working.

Also, if you have applications that you don’t frequently use, then perhaps it’s time for you to get rid of them. Also, make sure that your apps are up to date.

Weather exposure

Has the weather been too hot or humid lately? Perhaps that could be the culprit for your phone overheating. To avoid this, make sure not to expose your phone to direct sunlight. That means not leaving it on car dashboards or near windows. There are also many other ways to make sure that your phone stays cool during hot weather.

Also, try to take out your phone case, as this could be inhibiting your phone’s ability to breathe through its heat vents. Your case could be blocking these crucial passageways, preventing your phone from cooling down quickly.

Mobile phones are essential tools for our day-to-day living. If yours is overheating, then there could be a simple reason and a solution. Remember these things the next time you feel that your device is much too warm for comfort.

Bonnie Baldwin