Herkimer diamond properties and spiritual meaning

Herkimer diamond properties and spiritual meaning

Herkimer diamond can be an energetic crystal that has the ability to bring clarity to the mind through its pure light energy.

This beautiful crystal has been found in the 18th century and has a diamond geometric shape. It can encourage and accelerate the process of healing. It maintains the balance of the body by regulating the circulatory and immune system that allows the body to remove toxins.  It can act as a powerful tool to cure many diseases such as vertigo, motion, etc. It can assist to regulate the metabolic process and eradicate infection inside the body. It has physical healing characteristics like regeneration of cells and repairing of DNA-RNA. It can improve spiritual healing along with physical healing.

The primary aim of the Herkimer’s crystal is to eliminate negativity and enhance the healing with positive vibes. It can stimulate all chakras, however, it vibes excellent with the crown and the third eye.

The Herkimer diamond is connected with the Goddess Angerona who serves as a connection between the physical and spiritual domain and she has been given the task of protecting divinity on earth. You can access the connection from its spiritual realm through the Herkimer diamond.

The combination of spiritual and physical abilities made this stone one of the strongest and powerful crystals. This stone helps a lot in spiritual and physical expressions.

The Herkimer diamond possesses abilities to clear chakras. You can get better access to the spirit guides through Herkimer diamond. This stone can facilitate bringing clarity to your mind and release trauma.

The Herkimer can help any person who is facing any metaphysical or spiritual obstacle. This stone can enhance metaphysical properties by pairing with other stones such as moldavites. Herkimer s is a rare doubly terminated crystal.

David Lockhart