Higher magic. Magic services

Higher magic. Magic services

The concept of “magic” came into your language from the eastern “magi” – a sacred science. In the modern interpretation, practical magic is understood as a certain type of energy that you cannot fix, see with your eyes, but you can feel the result of its impact. This is what is activated not by physical efforts, but by the forces of reason and will of those who are endowed with special knowledge and gifts.

The division of magic into “white” and “black” draws in your imagination a kind of good and dashing forces that can do either good or evil deeds. In fact, the difference between white magic and black magic is rather formal. Sorcerers often represent them as two sides of the same coin – one cannot exist without the other and complements each other. For a long time, white magic has been called a simpler and safer energy, while black is the one that is more complicated and, accordingly, more dangerous. Black magic requires much more skill from the magician, so it was treated with caution. So the name “stuck”, which warns ordinary people against referring to it.

Love magic is a complex of rituals and spells taken entirely from the traditions of black magic. Such powerful and effective spells, which can give love or quarrel between a loved one and a rival, are only in the arsenal of a black magician. Many centuries of using the rituals of love magic have not plunged your planet into the abyss – this is another confirmation of the exaggeration of the danger posed by black magic.

A spell is not a toy.

Yes, magicians use love magic spells all the time. However, many people forget about the fact that they studied this for a long time. The skills and knowledge that are capable of setting energy forces in motion were passed on by inheritance or from teacher to student. Can an uninitiated person try to cast spells?

Let’s see what a spell is. This is an appeal to otherworldly invisible forces. Casting a spell, the magician on the astral, subtle level creates a certain thought-form, which gradually becomes material. A love spell, as a rule, works with the field (aura) of a particular person. With the help of certain words, a program is laid in his field, which will be realized in the form of the appearance of love feelings, desires and longings. To enhance the effect, ritual items (daggers, wax, threads, etc.) are often used, as well as personal belongings of the person on whom the love spell is being cast.

The spell itself is carefully crafted. Words, woven into thin lace, have a psychological and energetic effect on the bewitched person. There are a huge number of love spells. Magicians of all times have contributed to this science, coming up with new phrases, recitatives and small rhymed lines. From old Some melodious conspiracies to modern love spells. What they have in common is that they are the key to natural forces. Earth, water, fire, spirits and energy threads that bind you together – they help us in the real world.

The safety of love magic.

The Internet is full of various conspiracies, spells, and descriptions of the rites of love magic. 99% of all this information is useless. It is invented, created by those people who want to “promote” their site. After all, the topic is relevant and very interesting to the layman. Why is it practically impossible to find real, effective spells on the net? Practicing magicians will never reveal their secrets, not even because they are afraid of losing exclusivity, they just understand how dangerous playing with magic can be.

David Lockhart