Highlights from the Bali Pass Trek

Highlights from the Bali Pass Trek

1. You can travel back to Osla and Gangad in the past.

From the first day, Osla’s unique folklore is evident. Gangad’s village culture is also evident. The captivating Himachali architecture in Osla’s temples will keep you spellbound for hours.

2. Devsu Thach is a wonderful surprise in the Ruinsara Forest’s alpine meadows.

The setting of Dev Thach is breathtaking. A thriving meadow with tall trees, Kalanag, Swargarohini and Kalanag as the background makes for the perfect setting. This is a wonderful spot to camp.

3.The Ruinsara Trail runs from Devsu Thach to Ruinsara Lake, and then continues to Ruinsara river.

This stretch is gorgeous, but it can be quite difficult. Because it is narrow, it’s easy for people to compare it with Rishi Gorge. Nanda Devi Sanctuary is possible, although it’s not as hard as the former. The riverbank is home to an amazing array of alpine flowers.

4. Ruinsara Lake, a unique glacial lake

The tranquil, serene lake is located amongst the stunning mountains of Swaragrohini. The meadows remain untouched and undeveloped. You can feel peace and tranquility at the lakeside.

5. Bali Pass: The hard approach

You can cross the Himalayan pass during either the pre-or post-monsoon seasons. In June and July, the snow is most prevalent in the higher regions of the pass. It is more dry and rockier in the post monsoon season. Trekkers who enjoy high-altitude pass treks will feel right at ease.

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David Lockhart