Hiking with Frenchie – Awaits All the Fun!

Hiking with Frenchie – Awaits All the Fun!

Hiking is adventurous and good exercise. Taking your Frenchies to hike is fun, most owners fear the fact that the Frenchies have a lot of problem breathing and can have a heatstroke but here are some of the awesome ways you can still follow to go on a hike with your Frenchies.

Reasons to Go On a Hike with Your Frenchies

There are many reasons why dog owners and their dogs should do activities together, and one of the reasons is ‘Bonding’. With your busy schedules, you hardly get time to spend with your pets. All you do is snuggle and cuddle after you get back from work, but are you putting enough time? So sweat it out a little as Frenchies as they need constant reassurance from their humans.

Going hiking with Frenchie can allow you to reconnect and take that extra care for your pet. They look at you as their parent who makes decisions and keeps them happy. According to recent research, it is known that hiking is really good for the mental health of your dogs. It reduces aggression and anxiety. It is also a great start to keep in shape for you and your Frenchie both.

Is it ok?

 The most common question that may hit your head when thinking about taking your BRACHYCEPHALIC BREED to hike might be “is it ok?’’

Well, it is completely fine; you just need to keep a few things in mind to be on the safe side. Some of which are:

Age: You have to keep in mind that Frenchie Puppies are not fully grown so you can’t take a little puppy to hike.

Health: If your dog has some known physical condition, then it’s suggested to skip this activity.

BOAS- This is a common syndrome that affects Frenchies, and if your Frenchie is affected by this, then it is not wise to hike.

How to Prepare For Hiking

The most important part of going on hiking is to prepare. Here are some tips:

Prepare your Frenchie dog by regularly waking him for 25-30 mins uphill so that his body is adjusting to the walk.

Go for a hike on places where there is shade, water, rivers, and woods so that your Frenchie is in a cool area.

Carry good amounts of cool snacks and freshwater, umbrella and even lemon water and even some of those new French Bulldog Products.

However, it is wise to stay cautious and study your pet and stop hiking once he shows signs like panting or heavy breathing. Give him assistance immediately.

Bonnie Baldwin