Holidays with costume parties

Holidays with costume parties

Let’s give you a costume idea for every costume occasion. Although not every occasion traditionally require costume, but costume themed parties are quite popular these days. Further certain holidays incline more towards costumes, than others. So what to wear if you have a costume party on one of the popular costume-friendly holidays? Let’s get down to it one by one.


The mother of all costume party holidays, is the Halloween. Mainly because, at Halloween, dressing up is not a trend but a custom. This is the day to go bonkers! A quaint little history before we proceed -originally Halloween has its beginnings in the Celtic festival samhain. A festival that came during their new year, ( before winter,) and traditionally had the practice of warding off evil. During the ceremony, they dressed up with costumes made of animal heads and skins. Although, that is not an option today! In today’s world, Halloween is too diverse when it comes to costumes. But satanic and devilish looks, along with mythical creatures like vampires, witches, wizards and warlocks are brilliant options. Stylish, patterned and colour contacts and a variety of outfit options, make the task of assembling your costume extremely easy and inexpensive.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, is the festival of feast. It is observed as the last night of eating rich food before the start of the fasting season. This week long festival, includes binge eating and drinking of rich food and dawning in colourful dresses, costumes and masks. Very few festivals are as vibrant as Mardi Gras. If you have a revealing, colourful and spicy costume, and sparky colour contacts in your collection -this is the occasion for it.

St. Patrickt Day.

As a must, pull out everything in green you have. Green cloaks, green hoodies, green hats, green colour contacts, green paint and green fake beard -Green, is the colour of this occasion. St. Patrick’s Day is a popular Irish holiday, that includes a healthy amount of dressing up -although, mostly in green. Saint. Patrick’s Day, celebrates the Patron saint of Ireland; although he was known by many names in his time -Patrick is the one that stuck. This Festival, being Irish, includes a lot of beer. On this occasion, dressing up a as a big bearded Saint, seems about right. You can maybe take it up a notch and dress up as a wizard, or Merlin.

Day of the dead

Well, if you are more Latin than most of your peers, then you probably indulge a bit more in Day of the dead than Halloween. DOD, is a Mexican holiday and is celebrated around the same time of the year, such as the Halloween. However, the history behind both the holidays differ quite a bit. Thus, the costume changes accordingly. The similarity extends upto the fact that both the Holidays deal with spirits from the nether realm, but that’s about it. Dia De Los Muertos, has its origin in the Aztec rituals ( whilst Halloween, in Celtic. ) Unlike the warding off of evil in Halloween, the Aztecs didn’t fear the dead, rather they celebrated their dead -with food, drinks and activities liked by the dead- as a part of natural life process. Thus, when it comes to Day of the Dead, select your colour contacts and outfits carefully. Dress up as good witches, happy ghosts or Aztec spiritual tribesmen. Avoid devilish, fiery and bloodshot eye contact lenses. Remember, on Dia De Los Muertos, hold the cheerfulness in your eyes and not gloom.

Bonnie Baldwin