Hot Wheels protectors: Why Collecting These Toys a Good Investment?

Hot Wheels protectors: Why Collecting These Toys a Good Investment?

The car engine is revving up; tires are spinning fast and smoking on your 1969 Chevy Impala. All these things are happening in the person’s hand while they are holding their Hot Wheels collection. Now, stop and think about these things on a serious note before rolling your eyes. These toys are truly valuable and timeless. Hot wheels have been making people’s imaginations race around all the way to their adulthood. It motivates individuals to get the car of their dreams eventually or become collectors.

Being a collector

The brand has revolutionized the miniature car game. It also inspired mechanics, manufacturers, and gearheads to make lifelike variations of some concept automobiles, we have seen made by Hot Wheels. One of the best things about collecting these toys is the attention to detail.

The nominal room these collectibles require to collect, as well as that they are pretty affordable. The collectibles are not that many, that is why it offers a level of detail, but these things are as cheap as having a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Some toy cars are as expensive as a first-rate steak, and some are as expensive as a real vehicle.

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The average model automobile can be found for at least a dollar or two. The prices go up as the rarity of the model goes up. Some rare Hot Wheels prices can go up as high as hundreds of dollars. Of course, desirable once can cost collectors thousands of dollars. Before we go to the collectors’ world of the why and how let’s discuss Hot Wheels’ history.


Eliot and Ruth Handler, the founders of Mattel (the company that created Hot Wheels), created one of the most memorable and iconic toys of all time. What’s amazing about this husband and wife combo is that Ruth Handler also created the Barbie doll.

While these toys are considered the most iconic toy for boys, the Barbie doll is regarded as one of the most iconic toys for girls. Elliot Handler wanted his miniature cars to be the closest thing to an actual automobile as people could get. He hired rocket scientists and vehicle designers from General Motors to design these things.

From there, the brand was created. One of the things people should remember if they are purchasing these toys is to purchase what they like. It is supposed to be an amusing hobby; that is why people need to buy what catches their eye or get the vehicle of their dreams.

But if they are looking for a collectible toy vehicle, the Redline series is the most desirable. The designation comes from red stripes around the spoiler and the wheels. It was done during the first ten years of the toy’s production (around 1968 to 1977).

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Models and makes

The next tip future collectors should follow is to purchase luxury and sports cars that average or middle-class working individuals could not afford unless they file a remortgage on their homes. How about owning a fabulous Ferrari 308 and driving around town like Thomas Magnum? How about owning a 1977 Trans AM?

Well, by buying these things, people can have their favorite sports and luxury cars in the palm of their hands – literally. Maybe you are too classy to drive around sports vehicles? Vintage Rolls Royce, classic Lincoln Continental, or a vintage Mercedes Benz is the right vehicle for you.

The point we are trying to make is that people can’t go wrong with the same choices they would make when choosing a car in the real world. Here’s the best part – people do not have to worry about maintenance. They do not have to worry about gas prices, passing state inspection, or going to the car wash.

The Redline series

There are a couple of things people should know about the Redline series since it can get too confusing. During its heyday, they were sold all over the world. They were made in two places – either Hong Kong or America. The place where it was made was printed on the chassis. If it says anything other than America or Hong Kong, they are not real vintage Redlines. The series was brought back in the mid-90s.

We will not discuss the 220 models of the Red Line series. Personally, it is best if these toys are still in their packages. Red Line series is always a good investment, especially if they are in pristine condition. Oddities is another model that is popular among collectors. It is usually described as a concept toy car, like “Open Fire” models with an engine sticking out of the car’s hood and with six wheels. Another good investment is the 1972 Sidekick.

It was only manufactured for a year in Hong Kong. The engine of this vehicle is on the left side, where the passenger would normally sit. The driver’s side is located on the right. The best thing to do to help protect these valuable items is to use a character car protector or case. Make sure not to remove these things out of their boxes to preserve their value.

In conclusion

Folks, always remember that you should purchase the collectibles that you like and love to enjoy this hobby. Experts recommend watching videos of experienced collectors to have a good idea about this industry. If the video doesn’t make a person believe that there is profit in these types of toys, then they need more research.

Whenever people say they want a luxury or sports car, most experts will tell them that they are losing their minds. Everyone knows that automobile value depreciates over time. While it is partially true, just know that toys like Hot Wheels are the only automobiles in the world that people can purchase and enjoy without worrying about value depreciation or losing money on it.

The value of these things appreciates over time as long as it is in their protective case and is in pristine condition. Real automobile value depreciates the moment it leaves the dealership. On the other hand, Hot Wheels value appreciates as long as it is still in the box, just like most toys.

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