How A Cow Hide Rug Can Be Creatively Used

Many people wish to decorate their places using different kinds of rugs and often people assume that cow hide rugs are really meant only for fancy places. Well that is not the case and also when you are aware of how to use a cow hide rug creatively, you’ll see it adds so much beauty to your place. 

  • Add a splash of colour

Whether you want to bring in the element of colours like grey, cream, black and white, brown or others into the spaces of your rooms, you’ll see that a cow hide rug really has so much to offer. You can bring in contrasting colour elements into your room, it is not necessary to go for only darker and brighter shades, often adding a different colour or hue adds so much to a room.

  • Throw rug 

Cow hide rugs look really great as a throw rug as well. When you spread these cows hide rugs over the sofa and other places, it gives the place a whole new look. It gives you a slightly rugged as well as an elegant feel. 

  • Mixing with other animal prints 

Some people may tell you they are not fond of mixing different animal prints as they think they will not match with the others in their room. But, one rule you need to keep in mind, is that you really should mix up when the patterns are very similar to each other. The different colour shade of each rug should go well with each other. This type of mixing, gives an excellent look to the rooms you spend time in. 

  • Adding textures 

If you want to add more texture to the rooms in your home, such as the hallway, lobby, lounge, dinning room, bedroom or snug, then a luxerious cow hide rug is highly recommended. Whether you have a marbled, wooden, stone or tiled flooring and you are looking for ways to add more texture to the room, then cow hide rugs really come to the fore. 

Cow hide rugs are highly suited for homes with children and where there are people causing continous traffic, as they are super hard-wearing, not to mention they are very easy to clean if they get soiled. You can just wipe the area or the entire rug with a clean, damp cloth. Many assume that cow hide rugs are meant for those who live in the countryside, or in a palace, but actually they are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes these days. When you pair it up with the other accessories in your rooms, it really only enhances the look of your entire place. 

Clare Louise