How a Handyman becomes a Certified Professional?

How a Handyman becomes a Certified Professional?

Do you need to do some plumbing work at home or simply have one of your equipment repaired or maintained? For this, it is necessary to call on a handyman who will know exactly how to deal with your problem. Here are all the tips to help you choose your handyman, so you can be sure that you come across a quality professional.

Consider their references

A handyman, like any professional, must have certain qualifications which can be verified by diplomas or certificates. You have the right to ask to see the information relating to your expert before he begins the work. For this, you can consult the different registrations and references of this one, according to your place of residence.

To get started, you can check that your handyman is registered with the Trades Directory. You should know that all handymen in Singapore must be qualified and licensed. Also, whether you choose a handyman,a professional, this registration is compulsory for independent persons, natural or legal, who do not employ more than 10 employees and who exercise a craft trade.

Be careful though, if the company has more than 10 employees, you will need to check with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Obtaining the Certification

To obtain this certification, the handyman must have a diploma and some experience. This therefore gives you the certainty of having an expert in front of you who will be able to offer you quality services. Also, it is only after obtaining this qualification that the professional will be able to consider himself considered as a craftsman or a master craftsman in the eyes of the law. Finally, you should know that the handyman can also justify certain qualifications, which he can obtain from specialized organizations. Finally, you must be able to consult the registration number of the Trades Directory on the estimate that will be provided to you by the professional. If it is a company that sends you the estimate, you will have to refer to the SIRET number.

Check insurance and guarantees

One of the other great certainties concerning the quality of a handyman’s service is to check the various compulsory insurance and guarantees to which he entitles you. He must have several:

Professional liability insurance

  • The ten-year guarantee, valid for 10 years on damage produced after receipt of the work
  • The guarantee of perfect completion, which allows the repair of disorders and conformity defects
  • The two-year guarantee, or of good functioning, which concerns removable or replaceable materials that do not endanger the entire structure

These guarantees give you the certainty of being able to be insured in the event of a problem or poor performance. So you know you are paying for a full service, which is bound to be in order. If it is not, the guarantees therefore cover all the costs of repair or replacement of parts. Do not forget to find out about the accessibility of these insurances and guarantees before signing anything.

Take into account the tariffs

This obviously also depends on the nature of the service. You will inevitably have a less salty note if you choose a repair rather than a complete installation of piping, for example.

Bonnie Baldwin