How an Allison Torque Converter Works

How an Allison Torque Converter Works


A torque converter is an important part of any motor. It helps transfer energy from the motor to the tires. You want to make sure that you get a high quality torque converter. They have to withstand plenty of pressure. It is important that they are strong so that they are long lasting. One of the best torque converters on the market is the Allison Torque Converter. It has many perks. It also comes in many configurations. They have a few different parts that work together to complete the torque converter process.

What is a Torque Converter?

The torque converter is the part of the engine that actually transfers the energy from the motor to the tires. The power that is coming from the motor has to be transferred into energy on the drive line and to the tires. This is the job that the torque converter does.

Perks of an Allison Converter

There are many perks to utilizing an Allison Torque Converter. It has many positive aspects. One of these is that there is no gearing. Along with that, it can utilize three different types of oil. These are C-3, C-4 and 10W. The Allison Torque converter is heavy but strong. It weights between 700 and 1400 depending on the configuration. Another great benefit if the Allison converter is that it comes in many configurations and has parts interchangeability. This is great because that makes the torque converter more interchangeable for many different installations.

What can they be used for?

The Allison converters main intention is to be used in a tractor setting. Whether it is a small tractor or large tractor they have a configuration for that. There is a configuration for as small as a forklift and as large as the allison tractors are built. This is great because it means that there is basically a torque converter for every tractor.

Torque Converter Configurations

TC-210, TC-211, TC-221 and TC-222 are the four configurations of the Allison converter that are on the latest models of the Allison motors.

The Parts of the Torque Converter

These are the basic parts of the torque converter that all work together to get the job done.

  • Oil system
  • Charging oil pump
  • Oil cooler
  • Easy mounting drive

How it Works

Basically, a torque converter would be completely ineffective without oil. In short, the motor turns a flywheel within the torque converter. That turns the pump that turns the oil in the torque converter. This transfers the motion into forward motion for the tires. This also maintains the strength of the motor and makes it transfer to the tire. Since the main goal of a tractor is to have power rather than speed, this setup ensures that the power is maintained. The power has to get from the motor to the drive line and the torque converter is how that is done. Along with that, there are some other side systems that do other jobs such as cooling the oil.


The Allison Torque converter is one of the best tractor torque converters on the market. It has many perks from being highly interchangeable all the way to being heavy and strong. There are many different parts of the torque converter that half to work together. It works by utilizing fluid to transfer the energy from the motor to the wheels. It is important to remember as well that the Allison converter can be used in many configurations for many different applications. All of the many different parts of the torque converter work together to ensure that the tractor runs well and smooth. The torque converter transfers the power from the motor to the drive line.

Edward Powell