How are Marketers Using Chatbots in Business

How are Marketers Using Chatbots in Business

Having a successful business is the main objective that moves the world around. Very rarely businesses can succeed without the advertising, which is intended to inform the consumers more closely on certain services or products or attract and influence them while purchasing. Especially nowadays, with the technology moving so fast forward, innovations popping out on a daily basis and the constant need for improvement of people’s everyday life, the timely access to new information had become imperative.

A good marketer knows that one of the best approaches used in advertising is still the good old face-to-face communication with the people. That is, if the physical proximity allows it. Today, when businesses are spread all over territories, this personal contact can sometimes be impossible. You can read here more on how can a marketer reach all its existing and potential customers and ensure proper growth of the company’s business.

Computer science and IT technologies follow closely the development of businesses. One of their branches, artificial intelligence, is the most beneficial to the business advertising area, launching and continuously improving the computer programs that perform automated repetitive tasks, known as bots. The tasks whose execution was previously limited by time and speed since they were performed by humans, now are enormously speeded up with the pre-programmed bots that, most importantly, need no human control.

The advanced step in the development of the bots, of which the marketers gained the biggest benefit, is the special type of bots, known as chatbots.

A chatbot is a bot type programmed to perform a conversation or a discussion with humans through the internet and is aimed to be a tool for chat platforms and websites.

It is programmed to simulate a human conversation and its main task is to manage direct interaction with visitors and followers to the websites and social media profiles. The automatization of the chatbot’s tasks is especially important given the enormous traffic to these media.

These tools dispose of a predefined database from which they draw their ability to respond to different queries and questions. Furthermore, the artificial intelligence integrated within the chatbots allows them to learn even from the interactions they were not familiar with, and use that knowledge in future conversations with the customers. There are websites, such is, where you can find more information about this.

The list of the benefits the marketers gained from using a chatbot as a handy tool is pretty extensive. The business of advertising showed to be one of the industries that benefitted the most from them. In the era of virtual globalization, particularly the numerous online stores have identified the chatbots as a huge support to the development of their businesses.

Advertising is a two-way road. The marketer develops ideas for improving the business and for the best presentation of its products or services and submits them to the widest target group of customers possible. The interested customers usually have tons of questions, which a single marketer would need forever to answer, and would need to do nothing else but replying to the queries all the time. This is where the chatbots come handy.

Being programmed by keywords recognized in the customers’ queries, they can reply respectively and accurately to all questions. The marketer can take a break from replying to the repeating queries. This leads to significant savings in human resources and money for the companies, and makes the chatbots one of the main tools of a successful business.

More importantly, the answers by the chatbots reach the customers in a timely manner. The speed of processing users’ queries is something by which people very often evaluate the entrepreneur’s seriousness. Providing timely information helps gain the customer’s trust and loyalty. A satisfied customer will easily become the brand’s promoter, and marketers are well aware of this.

Being able to collect and store data, for example on customer’s buying habits and purchase history, these programs are a valuable tool in the customer care services. The memory of the chatbot enables a better experience for the customers each time they approach the store.

The marketers further use these collected data when planning the rewarding of the customers’ loyalty, which is an important part of e-commerce.

It was noted that the chatbots enhance the customer’s satisfaction. The people like to know that there is someone ready to answer all they need at any time. Furthermore, people value the possibility to review all the products’ features without the need to physically visit the store, and this is also enabled by the chatbots. Some of the businesses incorporate these talkable programs in their platforms just because of these customers’ preferences.


While businesses are expanding and marketers are working on new ideas for business development, the chatbots are time and effort savers, which pays off in long terms, and they make the messenger marketing businesses blooming.

These tools programmed to interact with people online and to respond to communication and queries significantly improve the company’s ability to serve a tremendous number of customers at the same time.

The ability of the chatbots to quickly respond and execute the customers’ requirements makes them a valuable asset in the customer care services. They are an irreplaceable tool for keeping the customers highly satisfied. It is more than clear that the chatbots are a must-have tool for a business striving for success.

Bonnie Baldwin