How Are Shared Office Spaces Supporting Small Businesses?

How Are Shared Office Spaces Supporting Small Businesses?

As more and more startups are evolving each year, the need for individual office spaces is also increasing. One of the biggest challenges faced by most startup owners today is to find a reliable office space in the central part of the city. With each passing day, the rent for office spaces in central areas of the USA is rising rapidly. Clearly, a startup company, which has just started hitting the market, cannot pay those hefty office space rents in the initial years. For them, the best solution is to opt for a coworking downtown office space. 

A brief about coworking or shared office space

In simpler words, a coworking space allows small-scale businesses and freelancers to get access to all facilities and benefits that one can get from a traditional office space. However, the best part of coworking space is there is no burden of lease or any additional hidden cost that the tenant needs to pay. 

A coworking downtown office space has a more open approach that helps small businesses and freelancers to flourish, as there is no burden to pay any overhead costs. A coworking space is based on a membership fee model, wherein the tenant has to pay the fee to get access to some private & common areas. Additionally, the contract for renting a coworking space can last less than a month, giving small startups and freelancers immense flexibility to work.

Keys benefits of opting for a coworking space in the US

As per current research, the coworking spaces have led to 70% more productivity among workers.

Following are the reasons why most businesses prefer coworking space:

·       Enables sound collaboration

In a coworking office space, various companies, startups and freelancers work under the same roof or inside the same office premises. As a result, the chances of starting new conversations or improving the overall network gets increased as well. As the employees, clients and business partners start conversing among each other, the chances of coming out with new creative ideas increases.

·       Low startup costs

As mentioned earlier, a coworking space involves no hidden or additional cost. There is no risk or burden of owning an entire office. The added benefit is the lease here is mostly month to month.

·       Improves creativity

The coworking office spaces designed today are not similar to traditional office spaces. In a coworking office space the employees get access to community cultural rooms, educational events, gaming areas, indoor gyms etc, all of which foster greater creativity.

·       Allows faster scaling of businesses

A coworking space allows businesses to expand as per their requirements. One can start by occupying as little as just a desk and can expand the work force at one’s own pace.


A coworking downtown space is not only about saving money it has a lot more to offer to small businesses, freelancers and startups. With the increase of more and more virtual office space and coworking space concepts, companies can achieve a healthier workforce.

Bill Merrow