How Big and Small Technologies like Fridges and Dolls Are Hacked

How Big and Small Technologies like Fridges and Dolls Are Hacked

We should be aware that whatever connected on the internet is at risk. Although it has a powerful benefits to human but equally unsafe as well. The rising of new technologies anually is indeed attracts popularity all over the world. The risk of its harmful effects will also arise proportionally. I would recommend you to watch Stephen King’s horror movie, Maximum Overdrive wherein the home appliances became self-aware and started attacking their owners. This movie will give you realization and enable you to understand that internet of things and this will be prone to hacks that are associated with it. If we don’t properly observe our surroundings and deal with the issues concerning the security of iot, the movie mentioned may well become reality.

There are threats arise concerning the security of building process of iot devices from our security cameras to our pacemakers. Home and cars security and even the smart appliances such as our fridges are also involved. All of these flaws can be capitalize. The reason why these happened is because of experimentation and to scam their targeted hack to phish a sensitive data. We must learn from our past experiences to avoid any hackable acts.

Ransomware attacks on iot devices also highlight how important it is to have adequate security measures in place for iot and this is especially so when you look at how smart devices can be used a focal point to hijack whole entire networks. A lot of UK hospitals were badly hit with the wanna cry ransomware and this cost the UK’s National Health Service about 100 million pounds which led to a cancellation of over 19000 appointments. The US wasn’t as affected by the attack but there were some reports of US hospitals being hit including the one where the radiology equipment was hacked.

The Mandalay bay casino hack is another clever hack that was carried out in recent times. In this hack, a high roller database was stolen through a compromised internet connected fish tank thermometer. Researchers have shown us how everything got Wi-Fi enable devices to Barbie dolls and TVS can be hacked.

The main issue with the security of IOT is that similar to the internet itself, the IOT landscape was not created with security as a priority. All of the layers of the stack from hardware to software is vulnerable and insecure across multiple platforms and manufacturers have not yet gotten the proper motivation to improve on the security.

To implement new standards and best practices across the world is a multi-faceted approach that requires supply chain logistics and governments working together to develop the global standards necessary. The companies that manufacture a lot of the cheap IoT gods are not likely to start worrying about security anytime soon.

There are a host of issues but with a model that consists of technology and policy in a suitable blend and proportion, we can begin to see an improvement in the standards and security of Iot. You on a personal level have to remain vigilant and understand that anything connected to a network is liable to be hacked. Don’t assume any device you own is immune to threats online and be careful what kind of activities you engage in online.

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