How Blockchain is helping small and medium-sized enterprises to Grow and Expand

How Blockchain is helping small and medium-sized enterprises to Grow and Expand


It is a fact that in many countries small and medium sized business serves as the economy’s backbone. In a country like Netherlands, over 90% of the businesses belong to the SMB sector. While the small and midsized companies contribute to the GDP and overall economic growth of a country, they also have to cope with certain challenges. 

The challenges include inefficient procedures, inadequate loan facilities and lack of information needed for business processes. Fortunately, technological developments have ushered in new avenues for SMBs in many countries, as can be seen from related publications on PaySpace Magazine that covers payment and blockchain technology trends

Blockchain As A Game Changer For SMBs

Just like multinational corporations and corporate giants that operate across the continents, SMBs also benefit by adopting the newest technologies. Incorporating social media and online marketing tactics is nothing new, but with time a number of SMBs in various sectors also started to use emerging technologies such as blockchain to resolve hurdles. 

Understanding Importance Of Blockchain Tech For SMBs

Using blockchain can bring a number of benefits to small and medium sized business:

  • Reduce Operational Errors – Blockchain technology can be deployed by SMBs to bring down instances of operational mistakes. Owing to stress, fatigue, and other issues, human employees can make mistakes when entering or updating data. There can be other types of unintentional mistakes as well. However, data stored using Blockchain tech is immune to such errors.

  • No More Data Tampering and Theft – Nowadays, all companies, including the SMBs are concerned with data safety. It is very important to keep company and customer data safe. While using cloud services can be of help, the SMBs can gain by deploying blockchain for data management. It is even more useful for companies that are on the growth track and to those dealing with high profile clients.

  • Enhanced Resource Sharing – In a lot of companies sharing data and resources becomes necessary. This can be necessary for resolving disputes and carrying out daily tasks. Various departments often need to work in sync and share common data. This becomes streamlined and easy when blockchain technology is used.

  • Lower Risk Of Conflicts – When company uses blockchain and develops smart contracts, this helps them evade the risk of conflicts. Conflicts with vendors and customers can be evaded. If any dispute crops up, the company can access the smart contract and the other party gets little chance to find fault thereafter.

  • Funding Benefits – The SMBs that face hurdles in getting loans from regular banks and NBFCs can resort to blockchain for funds, too. Blockchain can help revitalize P2P lending systems outside of conventional banking systems – thereby opening a gateway for SMB funding. Since no mediator is involved in blockchain-powered fundraising, the entire process is also faster.

  • Better Identity Verification – SMBs concerned about identity fraud can also resort to using blockchain. This technology helps verify customers’ background, and it can also be handy for recruitment-related background checks. It also speeds up the process.

Summing It Up

The number of SME-focused blockchain initiatives is going up. The examples include the Blockchers and Blockstart projects. With the deployment of a regulatory platform for blockchain, things will become better for businesses. 

Edward Powell