How Can A Personal Loan Help?

How Can A Personal Loan Help?

In contrast to a company loan or a mortgage, the purpose of a personal loan is to give a lump amount of money for the borrower to use for their own purposes.

Personal loans from banks, moneylenders, and P2P lenders are offered by just a select few financial organisations.

By 2020, 13% of Singaporeans will have taken out a personal loan for the purpose of “Covering basic costs,” while 11% will have done so in order to “keep themselves afloat or support family and friends,” as reported by Finder Singapore.

One in ten Singaporeans (10%) take out a loan for “financing a house,” along with “purchasing a vehicle,” and “paying off credit card debt,” respectively.

They also found that although low-income Singaporeans have borne the “brut of the economic burden of the epidemic,” middle-income earners (those earning $6,000 to $8,999 and $9,000 to $11,999) have been the most likely to take out a personal loan.

Since maintaining a middle-class lifestyle requires a larger investment of money, this is not as shocking as it may at first seem.

If you are wondering how much unsecured loan can I get in Singapore, in this post, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of taking out a personal loan, as well as why you should think about that option rather than others when you need some additional income.


One of the many ways that lenders might borrow and lend money, personal loans are quite versatile. There are many advantages to these loans over others that stem from their adaptability.

In contrast to business loans, personal loans do not need collateral

In contrast to secured loans like mortgages and business loans, which necessitate collateral like real estate or other valuables that the lending institution can reclaim if you stop making payments, personal loans are disbursed and interest is calculated solely on the borrower’s creditworthiness and the likelihood of the borrower making timely payments.

Personal loans are not backed by any property, so if you default on the interest payments, you won’t lose anything. Borrow at your own risk despite the absence of security attached to the loan, since the convenience of borrowing without collateral might lead to a cycle of debt.

Loan Repayment Terms Are Not As Stiffly Bound

Personal loan terms are tied to the loan’s principle amount and interest rate. There is a broad selection of payment terms available to you, from one to five years (and even up to 10 years at certain institutions).

Personal loans provide more repayment flexibility than asset-based loan repayment options. Banks and moneylenders are amenable to negotiating repayment arrangements, so you may try your luck there as well.

Personal Loans Are Available Without Any Hinge Conditions

Personal loans have the advantage that after you have the cash, you may use it toward whatever you choose. When getting a mortgage, the money must be used for the purchase of a dwelling. A personal loan is different since you are not obligated to use the money to buy anything in particular.

Instead, you may choose for a personal loan and spend the money on anything you want, whether it a much-needed house repair or a long-awaited trip. If your loan is accepted, you are free to use the funds toward any purpose. In contrast to a conventional auto loan, you are free to use the funds for whatever purpose you choose, such as furnishing your home.

Fast and Simple Procedure

The last thing you want to deal with when applying for a personal loan in Singapore is having to gather a mountain of paperwork. When applying for a personal loan in Singapore, the required paperwork is minimal: only your identification documents, bills from the last 30 days, pay stubs from the past two months, and a bank statement from the past three to six months (depending on the bank).

To apply for a personal loan from a bank, you’ll need to provide the following documents to one of their locations. You should be able to finish the application in around 20 minutes.

Simple and Quick to Process

In Singapore, most banks may approve personal loans in less than 24 hours and also the money lender interest rates are lower comparatively. In most cases, the decision to grant a loan from one of our partner banks is made fairly immediately after you have completed and submitted our personal or consumer loan application form and given all the relevant papers. This makes personal loans a great option for anyone in need of quick cash.


The best debt consolidation loans in Singapore may provide a number of benefits over other types of credit, including simplicity of application and approval, adaptability in terms of loan term and repayment, and competitive interest rates. One should still only borrow what they are able to responsibly repay and engage in other financially responsible behaviours.


Clare Louise