How Can Catholic High School Students Prepare for College?


Catholic high school students have a unique view of education compared to regular public school students or even those who attend private academies. With religion being a part of the educational journey, this offers a unique window that students may choose to intertwine as they explore the college admission process. Here are some things that Catholic students can do to prepare when applying to or while attending their dream school.

Seek the help of a counselor.

The college application process can be overwhelming for students, especially with a ton of deadlines for different schools and just as many requirements. To get a little bit of a boost, Catholic students may want to consider college admission counseling services. Counselors lay out the entire process step by step, from test preparation for the SATs to making sure that personal statements and applications are filled out and submitted in a timely fashion. While school counselors may be overwhelmed with a number of students, a private college counselor can help an applicant learn what it takes to stand out amongst other potential freshmen.

When looking for the right fit, be sure to explore options in your area. That starts with a simple Google search like “Catholic academics in Paramus, NJ,” to see colleges where you can continue the faith-based part of your education. Top college admissions consultants will work with you to make sure that your application stands out for a higher education university that is at the top of your list. This clarifies the requirements for entry while making sure your application essays rise above the pack.

Stay on top of classwork.

Remember, just because you have submitted your applications to get into the college of your choice, it doesn’t mean you have your high school diploma in the bag. Catholic schools stay on top of their students to make sure they don’t lose track of their current education goals before going on to the next chapter of higher education. College admissions officers keep an eye on your practices both in and out of the classroom. They have the ability to rescind their offer for entry into their institution and can even take away scholarship opportunities.

The school year isn’t over until you walk across that stage and receive your diploma. Private school or not, the push for academic excellence should continue even once you have that acceptance letter in your hands. For student-athletes, it’s crucial for individuals to continue to display the incredible efforts that they have on the field of play. College consultants will emphasize the need to show why you can’t let your foot off the gas pedal just yet. You have to make sure that your spot on a respective team remains locked in place.

Explore options among religious academies.

College admissions counselors understand the importance of having to juggle high school assignments along with completing documents ahead of application deadlines. If you make clear that you want your spiritual growth to be a part of your higher education, counselors will do their best to show you the Jesuit and Catholic options available amongst colleges and universities across the United States.

For some students, maintaining faith-based education is crucial to their next step in learning. Catholic students may prefer having access to religious services on-campus. A parish center in the neighborhood or a campus chapel can be enough for this next step in academics. It all depends on the person applying for college, as all applicants have their own unique qualities in their search through the college admissions process. Remember, emphasize that uniqueness and push for what you want in the next chapter of learning.

Clare Louise