How Can Contextual Discovery & Messaging Help With Feature Adoption Rates?

How Can Contextual Discovery & Messaging Help With Feature Adoption Rates?

If you want your product to succeed, it is important to regularly roll out new features. A very small percentage of application users make the full use of an app’s feature. This may seem to be a concern for many, but a massive opportunity for you if you have the right perspective. If you want to tap that vast opportunity, you must begin by measuringyour feature adoption using feature adoption software

If a new feature or multiple features are not being adopted fully by your users, it is a blow to your product development cycle.This is where contextual discovery should come to your aid.

Create Contextual Discovery

Presenting a feature to your usersright at the moment they need it can give a big boost to their user experience. The Night Mode is an excellent example of a feature in this context. Studying usage patterns of users who like to use Night Mode when reading something, your application can recommend the feature to other users who demonstrate similar behaviors.

It is recommended to showcase other rarely used features just at the right time. Thus, you will be able to reach users right at the moment they need that feature. This can help in significantly improving your feature adoption rates.

In-App Contextual Help for New Users

You will have to communicate a new feature to your existing users. There will also be many potential customers who are checking your product for the first time. Using in-app messaging can help you explain how a new feature works. It can be used to nudge users to get started when they are detected to be active.

Such messaging helps initiate a conversation to encourage them to take action. It is effective because it is both conversational and contextual. It will also make them feel that help is readily accessible. You will need feature adoption software to help you with contextual discovery, messaging, and other steps to promote your product features.So make sure to choose the right application to increase your feature adoption rates.

Edward Powell