How Long Is An NYC Marriage License Valid?

How Long Is An NYC Marriage License Valid?

To get married in New York City, a marriage license is very important. This license makes your marriage valid in New York City. For this reason, you need to apply for a marriage license before your wedding day.  The best place to get help getting your license is

In the US, every state has a validity period on the marriage license. If you fail to get married within this period of time, the marriage license will lose its validity. You are required to file the license once you are wed so that it will be recorded by the state. The submission of a marriage license after the wedding will also let the state know if you did not get married within the validity period.

NYC marriage license validity period

In New York City, the validity period of a marriage license is 60 days. After you have been granted your marriage license by the City Clerk office, you have to get married within 8 weeks at most. If you do not get married within this period, the marriage license will lose its validity. If you choose to carry on and get married with an expired license, your marriage will not be recognized by New York City.

After a marriage license has expired, a couple will be required to repeat the application process and get a new marriage license.

It is important to note that the marriage license is also not valid wthin the 24 hours after it is granted. For example, if you get your marriage license by 2:00 p.m on Monday, you can not make use of it until 2:00 pm on Tuesday. Its validity begins 24 hours after it has been issued.

After your wedding ceremony, the wedding official will be required to file the marriage certificate with the city clerk’s office. The license will be attached to the marriage certificate.

Special Situations

In New York City, there is one special situation that extends the validity period of a New York Marriage License. For military personnel, a marriage license can be valid for 180 days. This is due to the spontaneous nature of their jobs.

NYC marriage license requirements

In New York City, you have to go through the City Clerk’s office to apply for and to get your marriage license.

You will be required to submit an application which contains your personal information such as your name, age, date of birth, country of origin, parents name, their countries of origin, your social security number, ZIP code, marital history, and address.

You will also be required to present a form of identification. This could be your national ID card, drivers license or international passport. A passport, birth certificate, and Military ID (if you are in the military) will also be required. This information will help to City Clerk confirm that you are of the legal age to get married and that you are not faking your identity.

If you were previously wedded, marital history will also be required by the New York City Clerk. If it is found that you are still legally married to another, your application for a marriage license will be denied. So if you are divorced or your former spouse is deceased, you will be required to submit their full names and other necessary information that will prove you are no longer married to them.

Where is an NYC marriage license valid?

New York City’s marriage license is valid in every part of New York City. A marriage license from any of the five boroughs in NYC is valid in any part of New York. The marriage license cannot be used in other states or countries. It is only valid in New York.

If a couple attempts to get married with an expired marriage license, they will not find a minister to officiate the wedding. If they somehow find a person to officiate the wedding ceremony, it will not be a legal wedding. When the marriage official sends the marriage certificate and licenses to the NYC clerk, the marriage will not be recorded.

To be on the safe side, apply for a marriage license one or two weeks before the fixed date of your wedding.

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