How much does an LED screen should cost??

How much does an LED screen should cost??

Many users understand specifications, features, designs of LED screens, but they will get confused that different LED screen products with same design and even same specifications but with a big price difference, why are these differences? Are the manufacturers charging more profits? What is a real cost of a LED screen product?

To clarify, let’s take the example of a P3.9mm indoor LED panel, (panel size:500mmx 500mm).

Main specs are very common in the market.

  • Pixel pitch: 3.91mm
  • LED: SMD2020, Kinglight LED lamp
  • LED module size: 250mm x 250mm
  • LED cabinet size: 500mmx 500mm
  • Brightness: 1000 nits
  • Refresh: 1920Hz
  • Weight: 7.5kg

Lets separate a LED screen panel into 4 main parts, with these 4 parts, we can get a running LED screen.

  • LED modules (4 pcs for each cabinet)
  • Power box unit
  • LED cabinet frame
  • Production

Below with a table to show the percentage % of the parts for a complete unit of LED screen panels pixel pitch of Matrix 500, 3.9mm indoor. Cost based on one panel(size 500mm x 500mm).

With this table analysis, it easy to figure out:

  • What are the main parts?
  • What are the percentage ratio of the cost each main parts?
  • What are the costly parts?
  • What parts we should pay more not to keep the good quality.

These datas do not stand for all LED panels, for some products like fine pitch, creative shape, transparent displays, or with CE/EMC/UL/ETL, certificates, they are different.

Price differences, from where?

  • The brands of the main parts using, for example, LED lamp price different from 5-50%, which leads to 0.08 – 8.75% in total unit price
  • Other main parts with different brands of PCB, Electronic components, Driver, power supply, hub board, cabinet frame, these will lead to the difference also.
  • Production cost is also different, especially for the SMT, with a higher standard and state-of-the-art equipment, the cost difference will be 25-50% difference again.

In conclusion,

Bsed on my personal view with my knowledge of materials and manufacturing, a good LED screen panel (rental use) with trusted brands of components, like pixel pitch of 3.9mm indoor(size of 500mm x 500mm), selling price should be like USD800 -USD1300 per square meter (EXW work price), which is a big range of difference. With the benefits of better brands, materials, they bring reliability, user-friendly, less maintenance, faster installation, better looking, branding. Users can take decision based on the actual needs.

Users can invest more on the main parts, like LED lamp, to get less dead leds, better power supply, to get longer lifespan.


Edward Powell