How Much Office Space Do You Need? Here’s A Quick Guide

How Much Office Space Do You Need? Here’s A Quick Guide

New York is known for its lavish office spaces because it is one of the world’s leading business districts. Since the city is a prime location for all things business, the demand for office space for rent in Yonkers NY and the surrounding area is very high. More often than not this means offices contending with smaller spaces just to stay within the city limits.

However, compromising on space for your employees can take a toll on their productivity and health. Instead of trying to fit everyone in a shoebox just to cut back on rent here’s a quick guide worth following to ensure your office space is the right size:

Consider The Type Of Office Floor Plan

There are two types of office floor plans commonly seen today. First is the more traditional private office space or cubicle where employees have their own space for a bit of privacy. The other type is the open floor space plan wherein office workers share the space, tables, or desks.

To better determine how much space your office requires, first decide on the type of floor plan best suited for the workers.

Consider The Individual Needs Of Each Worker

Do a headcount on how many employees you currently have on your payroll. An open floor plan saves on space, but not all working environments thrive in a shared space. If you plan to give each worker their own cubicle or desk space, allocating at least 125 sqm per employee is more than enough.

The space will be more than enough for a desk, a chair, a small filing cabinet, their computer, and possibly some personal items for decoration.

Space For The Higher Ups

Do not forget to factor in the office space needed by employees that hold a higher position. Managers can be given around 150 sqm while the President and Vice President deserve at least 200 sqm.

Include Storage And Common Areas

Other factors to include when looking for an office space for rent in Yonkers NY are the common areas. Places such as the file or storage room can take up as much at 200 sqm. A pantry should be bigger, depending on how many workers come in on a daily basis. Don’t forget to save room for the lobby/receptionist area, it is after all the first thing your clients see when they enter your office space.

Plan For Expansion

If your business plans to expand and hire more people within the next few years it is best to also compute the additional space needed. Try to get a better idea of how many new hires the company is expecting to avoid a shortage of space. However, there are some offices for rent that allow short-term contracts which means your office can move out when the space becomes too small for comfort.

Don’t Settle For Less

Avoid stuffing your entire office and team into a very small space just for the sake of being within the city. Sometimes having a bigger space, even if it isn’t in the center of everything is a compromise worth making for the sake of a better office ambiance.